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Hi homebrewers

This year's NHC will be judged on Saturday November 5th and entries will need to be in by October 28th.

Keep an eye on the website: nhc.soba.org.nz and Twitter: twitter.com/soba_nhc for updates and opportunities to volunteer.  And in the meantime get brewing!



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hopefully they'll introduce a few categories for NZ style beers

Yeah would be great if the NZ0 categories were brought back - it's always a bit tricky trying to shoehorn an NZ Pils into the BJCP guides.

Finney has a link here of the NZ style guidelines which were developed to match the BJCP info: http://finneyshomebrew.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/nz_bjcp.pdf

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when these parts were removed.

NZ hopped beers, are just so different to their international counterparts.

where is the judging this year by the way?

Totally agree,  why not add to the BJCP with NZ styles.... ?

Judging is at the Fine Wine Delivery Co store, Constellation Drive, Auckland.

But just to be tricky - "The delivery address will be: Beer Spot, 54 Northcote Road, Northcote, Auckland 0627"

Perhaps just a simple table that says for the purpose of this competition enter the NZ styles against the following International BJCP styles....  as a heavily nz hopped Debles pale ale doesn't really fit the UK or american pale ale sections.... or even any of the commonwealth styles....

For each of these styles below what is the correct fit?

assuming mainly the use of NZ hops ....

NZ Draught    >   BJCP style *****

NZ Pilsner

NZ Pale Ale



that would make sense reading their FAQ they say its up to the brewer to decide which is a bit of a cop out

The new styles in the BJCP allow for hop variations, for instance here’s the comments section from APA
New hop varieties and usage methods continue to be developed. Judges should allow for characteristics of modern hops in this style, as well as classic varieties. Becoming more of an international craft style, with local adaptations appearing in many countries with an emerging craft beer market. Hopping styles can vary from the classic large bitterness addition, to more modern late hop-bursted examples; all variations are allowable.
The American part of American Pale Ale is more about the balance of malt and hops, not necessarily the hop characteristic itself. 
For IPAs there’s the Specialty IPA category
Pilsner...Hmm.  We may need a category between 3B & 5D.  Watch this space

2-3 years ago, they created the NZ Styles to suit, and it seemed to work really well.

the issue I have with not defining the NZ v US hops, is the Citrus vs Tropical Fruit Descriptor.

Then when you add in the "I'm new to brewing, but my NZ Pale ale doesn't fit the descriptors listed."

Yes, its up to us to decide on where to put beers, but for those entering for the first time, it can be pretty daunting....

Just my two cents, as its always a great comp anyways.

will prizes be the same as last year? as, the first couple of years I entered, there were alot more special/spot prizes for entrants. 

OK, how does this look as an additional category for NZ Pilsner?  Feedback welcome and we'll make a decision about inclusion in a couple of weeks:

XX. NZ Pils
Overall Impression: A light to medium bodied, gold-coloured, bottom-fermented bitter beer showing excellent head retention and an elegant, floral and/or tropical hop aroma. Crisp and clean, a New Zealand Pils is distinguished by a firm bready/biscuity malt base with a heavy load of fragrant NZ hops and a clean and bitter finish.
Aroma: Medium-low to medium malt character expressing fresh baked bread and/or cracker-like quality and medium to high NZ hop character. Expected hop notes lean towards floral and tropical and away from onion/garlic/catty notes. Clean fermentation profile. May optionally have a very light sulfury note that comes from water as much as yeast. While hop character should dominate, malt character must come through, and the best examples will be a harmonious blend of both. Very low DMS is acceptable though not desired. No other faults should be present.
Appearance: Straw to deep gold, brilliant to clear, with a very faint hop haze acceptable but not desired. A creamy, long-lasting white head is a must.
Flavour: Medium to high hop bitterness dominates the palate and lingers into the aftertaste. Note that while bitterness may be high, it should be clean and refreshing, not harsh or astringent. Moderate to moderately-low grainy-sweet malt character supports the hop bitterness. Low to high floral, fruity, and/or spicy hop flavour. Clean fermentation profile - esters are a fault. Dry to medium, with a  crisp, well-attenuated finish with a bitter aftertaste and light to medium malt flavour. The balance should always be towards the bitter. Sweeter examples are acceptable but not typical. Light sulfur notes from fermentation are acceptable but not desirable.
Mouthfeel: Medium to medium-light body. Medium carbonation. Should not be astringent or harsh. The abiding characteristic should be smoothness.
Comments: Notably sweeter in style that the German variant and less floral yet more hop forward than the Czech style, the NZ Pils (we use Pils, not Pilsner out of respect to the origin of the style) is definitely a riff on a theme, whilst remaining unique in the world of beer. NZ hop usage defines the style, whilst the slightly maltier, sweeter flavour and marginally fuller body differentiates it from a German or Czech variant. A popular and delicious take on a classic. Often brewed as a "hybrid" style, using an ale yeast at cold temperatures.
History: Largely defined by Emerson's Brewery, the NZ Pils has a long reach and is a particular favourite for homebrewers in NZ and beyond.
Style Comparison: Sweeter than a German Pils, Drier than a Czech Pilsner, and with a distinctly New Zealand hop character, leaning towards the tropical or citrusy. 
Vital Statistics:
IBUs: 22 – 40
SRM: 2 – 10
Commercial Examples: Emerson's Pilsner, Bach Beachstone, Three Boys Pils, Shunters Yard No. 7, Tuatara Bohemian Pilsner

IMHO this is Perfect

Sweeter than a German Pils, Drier than a Czech Pilsner, and with a distinctly New Zealand hop character, leaning towards the tropical or citrusy. 


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