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Hi All,
If you are planning on entering NHC this year please note that entries close at midday on Friday 30 October.
So what's everyone entering?

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we have the following prizes up for grabs this year:

- Champion Brewer: An Introduction to the World of Commercial Brewing which includes having one of the winner's champion beers commercially brewed and released nationwide thanks to BeerNZ.

- Champion Ale: brew your Champion Ale at Hallertau Brewery.

The judging will be held in Auckland on November 7th at The Fine Wine Company’s new Constellation Drive store.

After years of nurturing the competition in Hamilton Greig McGill has stepped back from the helm and we have a mostly new team of organisers pulling it together, but as always based on Phil Murray’s superb IT backbone. There are always a large number of volunteers behind the scenes and we couldn't do this without them.

This year we are back using the BJCP Style Guide which has been freshly updated for 2015 reflecting the new trends in beer styles. Head here BJCP 2015 for the full guide or check out the NHC website (nhc.soba.org.nz).

As always we are very grateful to our sponsors, without whose support we simply wouldn’t be able to run the competition. Please show your appreciation by supporting their businesses where you can.

All the best with your entries!!
(PS. I'll try my best to answer any questions, otherwise I'll find someone who does know the answer!)

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I couldn't find a way to create a username and password either but could use my google id or face book to get in.

So getting close to bottling my entries - just waiting on 2 to drop clear!

Being a first timer entering the NHC - What information do I need to provide for normal catagories? Do I need to state the OG/FG/ABV or anything else like that, or is it just pick a style and enter? Also do you have to name your beer? If so some really unimaginable names are coming SOBA's way from me!

Just pick your style and enter. Unless it's one of the more open categories where you need to specify base style or specific ingredients then it isn't required. I think there is a FAQ around this on the website.

Naming is completely up to you. We see everything from the boring to the strange :)

Cheers Maree! Sweet as, only non-normal one will be a 21B - session American IPA.

Thanks again

Am I able to drop my entry in to the Fine Wine Delivery Co myself or does it need to be delivered by courier?

You can drop it at FWDC (make sure it's the Albany one!) provided everything is labelled and packaged correctly for them to store until NHC.

Getting close - kind of feels like Christmas eve for a first timer!
Generally what time does everything kick off tomorrow?

how many this year matt? or are you banned now. lol.

Hahaha, I really need to find out who the other Matt is and try his beers I think. This is my first year, got three in there.


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