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Hi all

I am trying to round up some volunteers to help at the SOBA Matariki Festival on 25 June.  I am looking for people to help out at the door, and sell beer tickets and to help serve food and beer.


It should be a great day.  Volunteers will be needed from about 1 - 1:30pm (as the doors open at 2pm) until around 8pm in the evening (when the doors close).


There will be lots of free time on the day to taste the beers.  Volunteers will also be able to stay around after for a few bevies (as a reward).


Drop me an email via this website (or at my yahoo address for those who have it).


(I'll be putting out a call for Beervana volunteers soon too; need lots of bar staff this year).


Cheers SOBA-ites.  Hope to see you on the day.






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Hi Steph,

Yep I'd be happy to help out.




That is awesome; have sent you a friend request so we can swap details.  Will try and hunt down your business card as well...that will help!
Hey Steph, I'm keen to help out too
Great...I reckon I need 5 more people at we are at compliment...Tell your friends!!

Hey Steph.

Count me in.

Martin Bulmer

Perfect - we are now complete!

Hi all

We now have enough volunteers so thanks heaps to you all.


Just wait for Beervana...I am going to need about 200 people (or more) to pour beer.  Yay.



Cheers Steph!!!

You guys put on a great event last night, really well organised and run.

I had a blast working behind the bar..... Hand pumps are cool, I really need to get one for home I think!

There wasn't really even that much do clean up/pack up wise this morning. Had it all sorted in no time thanks to the efforts of Rob and Dominic.

Looking forward to trying some of your German beers Dave :-)


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