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This is quite amazing. See attached file (you may need to download it and open it with Adobe Reader)

The sooner this lunacy is challenged and defeated the better!

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There are hundreds... here is one that Beerstore were selling last year.
Rough second review on that beer, eh Stu!!

"Bottled(500ml). -Extremely piss yellow coloured, almost no head, strong lemony nose. Typical sweet lemony taste with some weak hoppiness in the finish. Low carbonation. Label on my bottle was different than this one."

Seems to sum up what a shandy/r*dler should be like!! (Have to say "r*dler", as DB's lawyers will sue my arse!).
A while back we were selling Salzkammergut Radler.


Now that I know it is a trademark, we won't be selling any products with Radler in the name.. Which bugs me.

Just like we will never stock any of these:

Even though many of these have nothing to do with Lion.

The Beer Store
I've toyed with the idea of making a brown ale called "Lyin' Brown"
Oh Tony, you old flatterer.
Made me laugh like a drain :o)
Barry, a bunch of those would be useful, alas DB on the other hand...

I have to admit that Amstel / Amstel Light were my commercials of choice which will be sorely missed. Oh well I best get used to this "water" thing Tony talks of!
Yes James, it makes really 'good' beer too. ;)
I remember being in a home brew store a year or so ago and there was a guy in there asking how to make DB. The store owner replied something like "Sorry you can't make DB in Christchurch as we have a clean water source!"

Now the DB brand (draught) supposedly embodies typical kiwi values of strength, honesty, hard work and loyalty, and rewards great mates. It sounds like DB's great mates are more like the Broke Back Mountain Man, than your next door neigh-greenman-bour.

So the tag line for the next six months needs to be:
Mates don't let mates drink shit beer. (AKA DB)
I had never tried a the "radler" untill a few months back. I can say it is a rather crap beer. Water would definatly be my preference. As to DB, well arn't most big companies all the same? big bullies!
As far as importing Radler goes. When ever I bought one in Germany, they poured my half a pils with fanta. It's basically a shandy with fanta. I wonder if Coca Cola knows about this?
I just didn't order any, but yes, I saw plenty of the same thing. I did come across a few bottled ones in Supermarkets though. Also, up north it tended to be fanta, down south it seemed to be lemonade! :) Regional Radler!


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