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This is quite amazing. See attached file (you may need to download it and open it with Adobe Reader)

The sooner this lunacy is challenged and defeated the better!

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To be honest I quite like Amstel light. Can still drink a few and drive

I don't know that it'd be a big seller (low alc is never a Kiwi fave), but it'd be nice have the right to sell my Radler from a German brewery that's older than this frickin country!  :-(



Hmm..... Ok so it's illegal to sell, is it illegal to import and give away?

(if for no more reason than to piss off those anti competitive monopolistic wankers and severs of cheap swill at DB)

Damn, I'll miss Erdinger (on tap at Diggers in Hamilton while waiting for Beer Club. I'll have Epic instead!) and Budvar (ages since I've had a non-oxidised/aged one).

Oh well. Fuck DB in the goat ass I say.
" They also franchise liquorland stores"

--just recently sold them to the Foodstuffs groups (Co-op for PakNSave, New Worlds etc). So you can shop there again if you wish...
Just as well - I was feeling pretty conflicted about missing out on the selection in the Newmarket store...
Horace, I'd rather drink water to be honest. But I agree Stu, there is a fight to be won here. Don't know anyone off hand at the moment, but I'm sure someone might. I sent an email, with a link to this thread, to Green man. Just giving them a vote of confidence. I really hope this doesn't hurt them too much.
I'd rather drink water to be honest

Here here!
For many simple and complex reasons I'll simply say that DB are a bunch of cunts.
Cease and desist that you fucking wankers.
Barry you are so eloquent, sometimes.
What if somebody imported and distributed a Radler? One that had been around for decades. Wouldn't that highlight the absurdity. Could DB (aka "bunch of c..") do anything?

Sadly, probably yes. They'll send in the lawyers first to "protect their investment".

Not sure, but I think this line would be more constructive than us boycotting their slop, 'thou I'll do that as well.

BTW good on the NBR for picking up on the issue, even though their main target was the patent office for being asleep at the wheel.
What if somebody imported and distributed a Radler?

I'm not sure if any german brewery actually brews and bottles a radler... I think its mainly blended at the point of sale by the bartender. If they did, and someone imported it, I'm sure DB would nail them like LN did Brewdogs Hoprocker (which btw I think was fair enough...)


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