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Hi all,


Just a note that obviously, Beervana is nearly upon us, and DB will be present. I hope all SOBA members will stay classy and remember that Beervana is not the place to vent our frustrations at the hard workers from DB, many of whom love beer just as much as we do. Remember that it's not the guys manning the stands, or the brewers likely enjoying a pint next to you who are behind the trademark debacle. Some (and yes, I know this for a fact) are even sympathetic to SOBA's cause.


The next stage of the Radler saga is very much NOT about DB, but about deciding whether or not to appeal the abominable decision by IPONZ' Assistant Commissioner.


Beervana organiser David Cryer is risking a lot to make this festival a happy, relaxed, and fun event, and the worst thing we could do as an organisation is to lose our rag at representatives of any brewery present.


If you'd like to do something, remember that you're already supporting great beer just by attending. Increase that support by considering spending a few post-session dollars at a bar such as Hashigo Zake, where Dominic is committed to "no crap on tap".


Apologies if this sounds preachy, but I think it is very important to SOBA's ongoing mission of education for us to be gracious in (temporary?) defeat, and remember that our focus is on bringing people to good beer, not losing sleep and tempers over bad politics.




Greig McGill


Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) Inc.

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Well put Greig.
Absolutly Greig!

I totally support the idea of being a decent human being.


My only question would be, with the fixation on how bad IPONZ/governments are... do you really think there would be an IPONZ if it were not wanted by the likes of DB? That being said, I'm more than happy to just not buy their products and inform anyone I know not to as well - not for their stance on the Radler issue, but because there are always better options available :)

Well written Greig, show your support by enjoying a beervana as an event for beer lovers not beer haters

sounds a bit wussy to me. I say avoid the DB stand at all costs. That removes the temptation to vent. NEVER forget the devious reasons DB went ahead with this and that they were lucky IPONZ have loopholes aplenty so they could get away with it.

Beervana IS going to be brilliant for one and all. 

SOBA, Beervana and the brewers guild should ban/bar any brewery for having the double standards for attempting to dupe thier buying public with this kind of thing.


I love ya Martin! :) Yeah, please don't take this as an exhortation to go and drink their beer. Why would you? At best, it's dull but decently made, and at worst it's... um... Tui. All I'm saying is that there's no need at all to rag on them. As Martin says, avoid the stand entirely, solving the problem. I honestly can't imagine it being well patronised anyway unless they resort to their sexist gambit of staffing it with "Tui girls".


So, to be 100% clear, I'm not suggesting anyone needs to support, or even encourage DB. Just to keep in mind that Beervana isn't the place for hate, and that the guys (or GORGEOUS WOMEN) on the stand are not the people to be mad at even if one was to be in a venting mood.




Greig "Wussy" McGill


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