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Hi All


I've been using Peracetic / Peroxyacetic acid for sanitising for the last 18 months. I'm running low and would like to get some more.  Its a great no-rinse sanitiser - 4ml per litre of water goes a long way. Gear just requires some contact time with the dilution to sanitise. It breaks down to water and vinegar. Its used mostly in commercial brewing and cheese making as the most common no-rinse equipment sanitiser.


They come in 25l containers. I'm looking for brewers who are keen to buy a few litres each. If enough show an interest here then I'll start the order and figure out the logistics.


Wellington pick-up only, unless someone does the research to find a courier who is happy to ship a dangerous liquid.


Its nasty stuff in its concentrated form - skin contact will make you whiter than Michael Jackson (the singer). I've stored mine in a plastic bottle with a pump that squirts exactly 1ml per push and I haven't been bitten yet. I'll include the option of pumps in your purchase.



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Sorry, I've been snowed under for the last couple of months. We'll be sourcing from a Wellington supplier, as getting dangerous goods freighted would probably remove any savings from shopping around.


After this weekend I'll be able to start kicking this along again.

Did you get anywhere with this? I've just bought some kegs and been told that this is the stuff to use to clean them.

Reviving this thread...

I have chatted to Steve. I have bought some peracetic acid sanitiser (5%) and it should be here in Wellington soonish (south Island ferry issues). I will need to go and find some plastic bottles for packaging it up but the price will be around $10 per litre. 

If you are still interested then drop me a line at brendon@revolutionbrewing.co.nz so I can add you to the list.



Thanks, but I got a couple of litres from Mike Neilson a few weeks ago. It should last me several months.

OK - Peracetic acid finally arrived after some shipping issues (lost in WLG depot... really!). Anyway, $10 per litre if people are interested. 

I just need to get some bottles and a pump to get the liquid out of the Jerry can.

Let me know. 


is it pick up only?

Afraid do ... it's a dangerous good and can't be couriered.

According to their website NZ Couriers will accept HCC 5.2 in total quantities of up to 1L with 100ml inner packs. It could be sent by courier, but it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

Hi Brendon. Do you have any of this left? Thanks.


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