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Dear All,


The SOBA National Howe Brew Competition has been announced and is to be judged at the home of many of the country’s best breweries, Christchurch. Ally McGilvary, Nathan Crabbe & James Pinamonti have gallantly stepped forward to organise the event this year.

Here is a summary of the pertinent dates and information:

  • 1st - 21st October 2011 for receiving entries.
  • Judging to be held 29th - 30th October 2011.
  • Costs: $5 SOBA members, $10 non-members per entry.
  • Location: Christchurch (and we will do everything possible to ensure Mother Nature doesn’t shake the bottles up too much!)

To reduce the postal costs, the competition organisers will accept 1 bottle (minimum 330ml) per entry but this will be at the entrants own risk. Sending two bottles is your insurance policy and neither SOBA nor the organisers accept any liability for loss.


The attached press release contains the same information as this post.


Martin Bulmer

Press Officer, SOBA


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Woohoo! Go ChCh!!!
Awesome news!! I like the 1 bottle entry and I look forward to taking part in my first NHBC.
Note well the AT YOUR OWN RISK bit though. ;) Speaking from experience, last year we had quite a few repour requests due to inconsistent bottling/transit issues which would have resulted in a "no score" had a second bottle not been available. If it were me, I'd still be sending two of each beer.
A few years back there was for a few years a TriNations Brewing Comp between... SA, Oz and NZ. I have recently been contacted by the SA
Was there more? This sounds good!

Brendon MacKenzie and I won the NZ leg, one year, with a Baltic Porter.  Was funny to think of our beer - second or third all-grain beer - shipping off to South Africa.


I wish I still had a bottle of that...

Hi all, just a quick unofficial update on progress....


Ally, Nathan and the other guy have been working feverishly to bring to you a earth rattling event which Mother Nature is helping with just about every couple of hours.


Sponsors - HEAPS of interest this year, and FANTASTIC support from throughout the brewing regime. (Raw ingredients, to beer to brewery bling covered, along with storage and venues!)

Judges - HIGH calibre as always, I even saw a mention about getting matching brightly coloured pants (what??).

Location- Christchurch is still rocking this mic.. excuse the pun.


You should probably already have had your barley wines bottled and aged since last year, and your pilsners will be hitting their fermenting temperatures now (mine are in their electric blankies), and a couple more weeks your Ales will be in the hot water cupboard where the wives (or husbands/partners/parents) fine linen is right now.


Remember there is always the medal winning recipe thread on here for ideas.


If you are interested in plastering your local home brew store, or brewing club, sports club, knitting group, or any other type of club with a flyer (or six) please let me know!


Questions can be sent to nhc [at] soba . org . nz, and will be post to the SOBA forum.


Watch out for the next update in the VERY near future

anyone know if there are more details around? categories, labelling, whatever? My fat fingers cant seem to find any info apart from the press release.

Hi Andrew


We are currently updating the website, however all of these details are similar to last years event. If you were not involved in last year a break down follows.


- Categories follow the BJCP with the inclusion of the "0" NZ category.

- Labelling is basic information, however you can not label it until we open the entry form so you can get an entry number. More details will follow as the website is completed.

- Not sure what "whatever" you are referring to, but the answer maybe blue?\

- There is a special dialling wand you can order to help with the fat fingers, I have two of them. :)


Hope to have more details early next week!


Hi All


A quick update....


We have some great sponsors this year, including base product suppliers, homebrew suppliers, beer suppliers, equipment suppliers, and brewers. These sponsors include Farra Engineering, Hallertau, BeerNZ, Brewshop.co.nz, YourShout, Liberty, Gladfields, Brewers Coop, and NZ Hops.


Judges are also of a high calibre and we are working hard to make this another great year for feedback. Send a message to crabbe if you are interested.


Stewards are needed, so if you are interested don't forget to send Ally McG a message.


As with Beervana much of the competition runs on volunteers and sponsors, so if you want to get involved don't forget to let us know. You can email nhc at soba dot org dot nz for anything else (sorry if a response is not timely).


The website will hopefully be up soon, as will the printed flyers.


Your pilsners should be getting ready for primary, or if you are like me secondary (lagering). Another couple of weeks until you need to worry about your ales and darks.



Nathan, Ally, and James.

Sweet. Keen to help out. I take it I can steward and still enter some beers in the comp? I have messaged AllyG about helping out.
Yes stewards can enter beers. We are working through the rules and will publish the website soon.


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