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Hi folks,

It was great to see so many of you at Brew On Quay on Friday night for the launch of Epic Armageddon and Hallertau Maximus Humulus Lupulus. Two stunning beers, I'm sure you'll all agree. Let's hope that there are more such events at the venue.

Because we moved the July meeting to a later date than normal, it's not long until the August event. As I mentioned before I'm proposing that the August meeting (to be held on our regular second Saturday, 8th August - which just so happens to be my birthday) is themed as a homebrew tasting. The venue will be my house in Browns Bay, on the North Shore. If you're a homebrewer, bring some along to share and get feedback. If you're not, sample some of the great beers that SOBA homebrewers are producing and have a chat so you can decide if you want to try it yourself. We'll probably throw a sausage or two on the barbie at some point too.

If you're planning to come along please let me know so I can get an idea of numbers. Festivities will start at our regular start time of 2pm. My house has got good public transport options (there's a bus stop at the bottom of the street).

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I plan to be there, Martin.
Count me in as well.
Will def be there :o) Possibly with Graham and Nicole also if thats ok...
No worries mate, see you tomorrow.
Looking forward to seeing a few of you on Saturday. If there's anyone else planning on coming and you haven't let me know, please do so so I can send you the address, map etc.


Im a starter count me in
Sorry mate, haven't been checking my email. If you're still keen to come along, give me a call on 021 937310 and I'll give you the address. I'm expecting people to start arriving about now, not sure how long they'll stay.

Gonna be away. Would like to have been there. Keen to get my homebrew tasted. Can I drop some off to you before the event? I'm in Takapuna. OOps just seen this post was 2009. Any events coming up this year?


Unless you've invented a time machine then you'll be plumb out of luck! This meeting was in August 2009.

I'm sure you'll find various people in the Homebrew forum keen to try your beers though.



Yeah noticed that. Very pleased with my last partial mash. Tastes like Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude - which was what i was aiming for. Very peaty and smoky. Cloudy though, but very drinkable. Keen to learn more from other fellow beer brewers. Any clubs on North Shore?



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