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Hi everybody. Just a quick note to say that Sam and I will be down at Newmarket Cock and Bull on thursday the 2nd of September from 6pm to around 7.30pm.

If anybody wants to come down and have a beer with us or talk beer with us then you are more than welcome.

We will on hand to show the Trophies and medals that we won at BrewNZ, especially our Monks Habit and Fuggles. With luck our new Brewers Seasonal should be on tap as well ( Czech Bohemain Pils).

So if you are free, pop on down.

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Shane & Sam - was hoping to pop down and say hello. But my post Beervana come-down is still keeping me low with a bad throat. Hope you've had the Silvo at work on the trophies...
Shane - does this kind of event still happen?  If so, I'd be keen on attending.
We will most likey be doing a SOBA tour towards the end of June ( Martin is organising), so you will be able to taste all of beers that will be going to BrewNZ, including Monks and Fuggles straight out of the fermenter.

Thanks - I'll keep an eye out for it. 


I've not much experience with drinking English beer and a hand pulled glass of your Fuggles at C&B in Botany introduced me to the pleasures of Bitter. 


I'll be having a crack at making something similar soon.


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