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Just saw 2 new beers from Moa at the supermarket last night, the cork&cages really make them stand out from the rest. One was a tripple and the other a winter ale.

My question is the instrcutions on drinking the Tripple - the bottle said to gently roll the bottle before pouring to distribute the sediment. Is this the "correct" way to drink a Tripple? I always thought with a Tripple you would carefully pour it off the sediment, am I wrong?


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I would pour the Tripel carefully off the yeast. Don't roll it.

I've tried the Moa Tripel poured carefully off the yeast and also with healthy dose of the yeast in my glass.  I much preferred the version with less yeast.  My digestive tract prefers less yeast also ;-)

Thanks guys, yeah I thought it a bit strange when I read it. Just wanted to check.


Hi Guys, pouring carefully off the lees is best with both the St Josephs and  the 5 Hop. The label is being changed to correct this!



Thanks David, good to hear right from the brewer's mouth!

The packaging is certainly doing the trick - drew my attention straight to those 2 beers on the shelf (this was Pak & Save Papamoa, so they don't have much in the way of Craft!)

This is a really weird habit I see happening at some bars, especially when ordering Coopers. I'm sorry, but I'm really not interested in having sediment strewn through my beer!

Even weirder, when you order a Little Creatures Pale Ale from some spots bartenders do this - despite it not being bottle conditioned. Not that is changes my beer, it just takes longer to be served!

The bartender habit I hate is when they "part pour" your beer for you, then give you the rest in the bottle along with your glass. So now, when it's a bottle conditioned beer, I have great hunks of yeast floating in the rest of the bottle. Who started this trend? Kindly stop it!

recently back from Sydney and had a bartender roll a bottle of coopers before serving it to me. He wasn't interested in my logic or reasoning.... Such a strange thing to do. I can only imagine that some Marketing departments think it better to prepare people for yeast being in the bottle by making it part of the experience.


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