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1 beat up old chest freezer with tap tower up for grabs - I got it for next to nothing and have had years of use, so I figure I'll pay it forward. Pickup in Remuera, Auckland.

The freezer is 1270w x 700d x 900h. It's got flaking paint etc and it's not fastidiously cleaned, because, well, it's free. It runs fine, I'm only getting rid of it because I'm moving.

There is a tap tower mounted on it. It's a 5 tap tower but only has 4 faucets (5 shanks though). I haven't actually used these taps because I mounted Perlick faucets to them and I've taken them off and put the originals back on - the shanks are compatible. I think the taps are of the type that hoshizaki lancer sell? I can't imagine it would be too hard to find a spare. You'll probably want to run new lines, and there aren't keg disconnects on them. Tails of the shanks are john guest push fits.

It's not mounted especially well. I had grand plans to make a nice bar around it but did a slap dash job to get it dispensing beer. Then, once it was dispensing beer, I was significantly less motivated to fiddle with it and potentially interrupt said dispensing of beer.

There is plumbing for tower chilling installed in the tower if you want to mess with that - copper loop through the tower ready for connection to glycol or whatever. I never bothered myself.

The front of the tap tower has backlit labels - you can remove the doming and replace them with your own labels, and then just connect 12v to the tower and away they'll go. 

There is a second tower that has some of the ceramic broken that you can take away as well for parts like the spare LED lights, shanks etc.

You'll want to get an STC1000 to control it - mine is mounted into the same housing as my ferment fridges, and I don't want to break up the system. They're dirt cheap.

So, hopefully this might help someone wanting to take the plunge into kegging? I'll help you get it on a trailer or whatever but I'm not to interested in delivering it. I would like it to vanish in the next 10 days or so. Let me know if you're keen. 

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Nice! Where is it?

Whoops! Pickup in Remuera, Auckland. Sorry :(

No problem. Can I give it a shove on Facebook or do you want Realbeer members only?

Sure, go for it. 

Giving this a bump. Surely someone wants a free keezer?

ok it might not be beautiful - but heck whats wrong with the folks up your way - I would have grabbed that in a rush if it was down the naki - come on guys!!


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