Want to place an ad email luke@realbeer.co.nz
$50+GST / month


I can't see anything online.

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I asked the same question. Details are forthcoming, but I suspect it'll be a little later this year.

I was told yesterday that a date was set for the first planning meeting , so the planning is planned!

Its definitely happening, not locked in yet but probably the 20th of July.
Different venue this time though.

Seems this Forum has gone dead if the last SOBA posting was in June 2013?

SOBA tends to use their website and facebook. I tend to cross post stuff relating to the NHC here, since it's a homebrew audience, and SOBA is more about general beer appreciation, who just happen to have a lot of keen homebrewers as members. :)

The forum isn't too bad but the main page..........

The main page? I don't understand


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