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Saw this....Good article, shame about the beer, but


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I have often wondered about this when I've been out drinking. Now I can drink with a clear mind know I'm not being ripped off for not getting a pint. Must remember to ask for a handle.
I like the admission from DB (last paragraph) that sugar is such an important ingredient in their brewing that it can contribute to a price rise.
I've lost count of the discussions I've had over this issue at our pub. We have pricing for 7oz, 12oz, handles (16oz) and pints (20oz) on a chalkboard.

Basically a handle is a US pint and the UK pint is 20oz. Most peple don't know the difference and usually when someone askes for a 'pint' there's ofetn confusion when we lift two different glasses up and say "which one?".
Campbell Live are looking at this next week... keep an eye out for it.


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