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Awhile back, I brewed a Lager - a clone, Wailua Wheat Lager of Hawaii when I was there. Although I have a very bad feeling this mongrel is going to end up being its thick inbred cousin from west Auckland as a best case scenario. You see, we had a rather cold snap awhile back in Waitakere and it stopped doing anything after around 5-7 days. The hydrometer reading didn't budge, so I (being fairly inexperienced at brewing) after a month decided to count my losses and bottled this brute. The OG was around 1055 and the FG was 1022. 

Is this disaster beer going to spray itself around the room at the twist of a cap? Or simply continue to refuse to do anything?


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yep its very possible how did you carb it? and how long ago?

Remember Sam at HBW,  almost took his head off as he opened a bottle out back once, walls probably have marks....

Just bottled it tonight, using carbonation drops - two per 1.25 litre plastic bottles. :/

keep it warm and try one in about 7 days...  imho as soon as they fully carbed drink a lot or put them into fridge at 1C don't panic maybe all good yet ,  maybe don't store inside in the hot water cupboard though....

Good advice, thanks! I have them in a cupboard, doesn't get a lot of heat though. :)

But do you think even after it went dead halfway through the brewing process it'll still carbonate?

Probably extra oxygen will help at bottling....    adding more yeast is ment to help but so far I have not done this and had ok results after time,  i would worry about the fg tho....  only 3-4 points and it would carb...

you will have to keep testing then consume quick or near freeze

dropping to 2C during brewing wont kill yeast i cold crash for 5 days at that temp often they always carb up


Funny thread. I have made a few decent stuff ups myself. I'm with Pete, as soon as it has any carb guzzle it back or store it in the fridge. Will be fairly sweet at that FG.....

Sounds good to me. I think...

Who knows? It may end up resembling something like a steam beer from the wild west days? Either way, I'm using big ugly plastic bottles compliments of the Green Bay New World so I'll name this gem "Ghetto Lager." ;)

Ok thanks. Day two and it hasn't changed, but, early days I guess! Next week will be the moment of truth perhaps?

what yeast was it, may take 2-3 is damn cold out

I used Mangrove Jacks M84 Bohemian Lager Yeast, though I only used one sachet so I think that's where I may have gone wrong.

That said, I only used one sachet of Burton Union Ale yeast when making an English Bitter and it turned out really good...

Lagers need heaps of yeast they really need a starter but next time 2 packs THEN or if you think you have good hygiene re-pitch on the good side they will carb up at 10C in a couple of weeks no problem


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