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How to work out MLT size needed to finish with 44L approx @ 6.5%

I have a 50L stainless vessel and am wanting to know if that's large enough to finish with 44L with final abv of 6.5%. I'm not sure how to work this out. If not, will have to look at getting a larger vessel.

I've up to recently been using the BIAB method in a 40L pot. Now upgrading my system to a 3 vessel one. Help would be appreciated.


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Michael, assuming you are referring to a Mash Tun (MT) here, not a Hot Liquor Tun (HLT), the size required will depend on your chosen Grain to Liquor ratio. You might be restricted to a slightly stiffer ratio than you might want. 50L might be tight but should be ok. I have a 56L MT and regularly do batches of 42-43 litres and from 6% to 7.4%, the later only had about 50mm of freeboard. Hope this helps.

Yes, it is the Mash Tun... I have a 70L for kettle and 50L for Hot Liquor but want to know if 50L will be ok for Mash Tun. If it's pushing it then I'll get another 70L pot before I start putting all my fittings on.


Also, is it easier to batch or fly sparge?

Looks good, just need to get my head around lb & gallons :-)

Being an American site, one would presume they are talking about US fluid gallons, so:

1L = 0.26417205 gal(US fl)

or 1 gal(US fl) = 3.78541178L

1 Kg = 2.20462262 lb

or 1 lb = 0.45359237 Kg


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