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I took the tap off one of my fermenters to give it a good clean after tranferring a batch to secondary. Good job I did as I don't think it would have made another brew. I would have had 23ltrs of wort all over the garage floor, or worse, maybe down the hall carpet. The wife would definitely not have been amused.

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Good onya for catching that mate!

I cracked one of these with a full batch once. Fortunately it was a hairline crack and gave me a chance to bottle since it was a very slow trickle out. I have heard nightmare stories of others though!

Very lucky

I had a similar crack happen to me on my first all grain batch. I noticed a small leak so tightened it a bit more to try and stop the leak, as I didn't want to risk leaving it for hours without knowing how bad the leak would be. One crack later and a desperate rush to empty it into the various (clean but not recently sterilized) demijohns and a carboy nearby. 

Beer turned out well though

Seems a common problem me too

Been there done it Twice!! This time on my last brew it was leaking out of the front of the valve face!! Luckly I had a few kegs lying around that I could ferment in!! I have sent an email to Farra to to get stainless, shit it will be as flash a work if I get one!!

Might be worth looking at a Stainless valve and nipple as a replacement from a reasonable engineering wholesaler. Won't cost too much more than the plastic in the pic.... and if you upgrade to a stainless fermenter it's one less item to buy.

Good thought Sparky, I might give Anzor a ring tomorrow.


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