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Hello again


Is there anyone here living in Auckland who grows their own hops? I am currently growing four different types (no idea what though) and would be keen to do a "hop swap" at some point once they start to take off. I'm pretty sure one of my hop plants is a Hallertau, but then again I can't say for sure. Also, is there any way of knowing for sure?


Cheers. :)

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Keen for one of these if they're not gone.

Hi Cascade

I'd be really keen for a Danscade as well if there's any left over? That mystery German and smooth cone are just starting to flower, I was thinking it would be great to get one more in the ground for next year. However, don't want to be greedy so if you've got a few requests mine can wait.


Me please, can trade for some APA ...

Tilt, Greg, Hugh - I'm in Grey Lynn from 7am to 5pm, so pick-ups would have to be from there, or I can drop them off north of the bridge around 6:45am.

Might be easier if one of you picks up all of them and distributes.  Or I can post/courier them out.

I live in Grey Lynn, so could pick up anytime this week, depends on what is easy for you. I don't mind holding and distribution.

I'm close to Grey Lynn and central, so maybe I can grab & distribute? Could pick up Thursday if it suits. Drop me a personal message with your mobile and address and I can text and arrange to pick them.

Thanks Cascade!

Thanks Greg, Hugh.  I'm in Greenlane so if either f you is happy to pick up from Cascade and hold then we could work out a pick up time.  Cheers. 

Greg is collecting them all tomorrow for distribution.  I have quite a few Mystery German cuttings if anybody wants more.  Shout tonight and I'll throw some in the car in the morning.

Thanks Cascade, got mine from Greg today, sturdy looking little unit.

never been called that before

Thanks +1 Cascade,  picked up the little beauties from Greg last night and they're now safely tucked into large pots for the rest of this summer.  I'll plant them out over winter and keep fingers crossed for some results next summer. Thanks for baby hop sitting too Greg.  Cheers

Hi, wondering about info on hop growing in Auckland - thanks


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