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Anyone seen/tryed this yet?

I love the concept Metal,Good Beer and Hallertau....... ahhh heaven

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Its really nice mate, picked up a heap of kegs off Steve a week or so ago and tried it then.  Ended up staying for three, nuff said :p


It's an awesome beer... great hop flavour, can't drink enough of it!!!

and after a few you can argue who will win, the lion or the croc.. I reckon lion.

I tried at the restaurant and was impressed with the aroma and hop flavour. I like it better than the Epic armageddon.  $4.99 a bottle at Farro's. Might pick up one or three for some Xmas cheer.

Cheers people - from all reports its good stuff then!

I grabbed a bottle or four from Glengarys wines in welly on special at $4.50 - now sitting in my fridge

I suppose to get the full effect I should listen to Beastwars whilst drinking it on xmas day...

Im not sure on Lion vs Croc but the Croc looks pretty angry!

I love the concept too! I get the feeling there's a bunch of breweries in the bay area getting down on this combo, great it's made it's way over here. Such absolutely fan-fucking-tastic artwork. Props!

The beer is delicious btw. This and Yeastie Boys Digital have to be some of my favourite IPAs this year.

Yum. Had a fair few of these. 

Had forgotten I had posted this - since had few Beastwars very nice!!!

Went along to the Beastwars second album fundraiser last night at San Fran Bathouse which was awesome

and even better when we discovered they were selling the Beastwars beer at the bar.....

http://beastwars.bandcamp.com/ Obey The Riff - Long Live The Beast!!!



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