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Hi all.

I've re-discovered home-brewing over the past three years having previously made some awful stuff in the early eighties with a bunch of mates whose common thread was having a mortgage and no money ;-)

Oh how things have changed (well, maybe not in the banks being rich and us being poor!), both in the home-brew world and in our expanded appreciation for craft beers (as opposed to being stuck with either DB or Lion Red)! Sad story, but I can remember the days when I drank nothing but Rheineck...

Fast forward to today and I've grabbed myself a Grainfather and have done my first mash on the weekend! Great stuff... enjoyed every minute of it even though I have a bit to learn to improve things next time.

I have a question which someone here will be able to help with i'm sure:

Is there anywhere, or can someone supply, a definitive list of the changes made between the first and present iterations of the Grainfather brewing system? I understand the present version is generation 4, but haven't been able to find out what changes were made, and when?

I bought a 2nd hand GF which I think may be a gen 2 or 3... but not sure. It seems to have the new filter, the tap on the delivery pipe (as opposed to on the c/f chiller), the connect controller, the new pump connector hoses. The is no top/bottom mesh plate silicon seals and no grain stopper.

I'm just interested if there is any other mods that I should look at doing.

Thanks - and happy brewing.

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