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Does anyone have the details or files for the Gladfield profiles for Beersmith?


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It varies a bit depending on the malt analysis, but this is what I use for the Ale Malt based on the analysis they sent me:

Gladfield Ale Malt Gladfield

Yield: 81.40 % Potential: 1.037 Coarse Fine Diff: 1.40 % Moisture: 2.40 Diastatic Power: 256.5 Inventory: 0.50 kg Notes:

Type: Grain Color: 5.9 Max In Batch: 100.0 % Must Mash: FALSE Protein: 9.9 IBU: 0.0

For the speciality malts, I use the figures for the nearest comparable malt as a starting point then update the details based on what is available on the website: http://gladfieldmalt.co.nz/themalt.html


sweet, thanks mate

Is there a way someone can export out the their Gladfield malt entries  so I could import them?

Is there a way someone could send the malt profiles to Brad at Beersmith and have them so everyone could download a Gladfields update?

yeah I will talk to Gladfields

maybe they have in spreadsheet and we just pass to Brad

OK   Gladfield's have sent me a Beer Smith file for their malts.  I am just getting permission to post it here, should have all clear in next day or so,  Also looking at getting this setup as an addin inside Beer Smith.

OK just got this from Gladfields..   Enjoy  (open attached file,    copy the malts,  go into the bersmith ingrediants malts... paste into there and you now have all malts available)   I am a big FAN of KIWI MADE     support the locals!

Hey Peter,

Absolutely throw it up on realbeer.co.nz! Just make a note there that it is based on the batches we were selling in early September, so slight changes may need to be made depending on the batch everyone is using. Ideally we will have a section on our website with that file and a few updates for the newer malts and batches we are putting out, but that will take a bit of time.

I'll send a note to Brad Smith and see what he would need to do an Add-in. From playing around with the program it looks like that would be a much easier method to load the malts than using that file.


Ha. You have got to love friendly local service! I really like the quality of their malts too...

Amazing from asking to sharing for all on here in 24hrs...   I did an all gladfields ipa on monday night,  usingbase malts in Beersmith told me OG 1,066   I got 1.064,  I just subbed in the Actual Malts used and it now est OG at 1.064....     

Its good to see the Brewerscoop now stocks some of the range as well.  I got 1 kg of each of there specialty malts and am doing a lot of all NZ beers.

Now all I need is a NZ Hop file upgrade beersmith has no Wai-iti hops>?

Does anyone here have full nz hop file?

Yep. Finneys Homebrew Emporium here in Chch has the full range of Gladfields which is great. 

Nice one! Thanks for that. :)

Cheers Peter! and gladfields :)


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