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I'm finally making the leap to kegging and i'm working through a build list.

I'll get cornys from brewshop but i'm not clear on which regulator to go with. The options are:

- Kegking for $70 http://www.brewshop.co.nz/kegging/co2-regulator-mkiii.html

- Micromatic for $140 http://www.brewshop.co.nz/kegging/micromatic-regulator.html

I'm happy to look elsewhere, but so far i've only really seen prices between those two and in those cases, the brands don't tend to be listed. 

My question is, is it worth paying twice as much for the Micromatic?

Has anyone had any experience (positive or negative) with the keg king? 

Would really appreciate your thoughts!

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this the one I have


the guys at brew shop recon it was they are better than the king king ones for only $10 more. I've been happy with it

Thanks Bazza. That one seems to have been out of stock for some time so I assumed i might have been discontinued.
Its been good?

I just bought the cheapest (unbranded) one I found on trademe and it is still working fine after 6 years. The most likely thing that will kill one is external damage, e.g. bottle falling out of the fridge and the regulator gauge(s) hitting something.

I would like to see a two stage one which would be able to keep the output pressure constant as the bottle pressure changes with temperature (room temp during carbonation and keg fridge temperature the rest of the time). That might be a good reason to pay double but they are much more expensive than that

get reverse flow protectors


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