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Hi all I'm looking at making some cider with a variety of apples, does anyone know of an orchard who could sell cheap apples?



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Sorry, can't help you on a source but I'd be keen to know if you find somewhere.  I'm after some cuttings for my smoker.

Thats a good idea, they use that flavouring alot in the states.

I had a whole lot of teatree which was lovely in my charcoal smoker.

I bought a bunch of different woods from Mitre10 Mega in Botany for my charcoal smoker but they're expensive and I'd prefer chunks over chips.


Apple is my favourite so far, seems to work well with everything.  Cherry is OK but has a weird banana fruity thing going on.  I got the classics also, hickory and mesquite, but haven't used them much.


I don't dislike tea tree but when I was young we had a friend who would always give us fish that had been smoked with it, that's cemented in my brain so everytime I have something tea tree smoked it reminds me off, and tastes, fishy.  Which sucks because it does give a nice smoke.

I've had some rather nice cider made from free apples which came from a Central Otago orchard. I think late in the season they basically are paying people to clear the trees so they just tell you to back the car up and start picking.


You could try contacting some orchards in your area since this is probably the right time of the year.

Keep an eye on trade me over the next 3-4 months. I got 400kg for $50 from an orchard in matangi to make cider. They were all gala etc not a classic cider but my trees had no fruit on last year. The best thing about buying them from an orchard was that they were all washed already so easy to sort and mill.
There are often a bunch of roadside apple trees around if you know where to look. Down here in Chch I can think of a large number of trees that will be free to plunder. Will take a lot more cleaning up than those from an orchard tho... but they are free!!
where are you?  there is a place a few doors down with a tree chocker with apples.  im in Hamilton


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