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I've been using gelatine to fin my beers which was going ok except the last two which are clear (save the mass of hop oil) but are now not carbinating at all well.

I have the beers stored at 10°C for conditioning and I've primed with the correct amount of priming sugar (DME for one, carbination drops for the other) but the carbination is just not happening.

For the last two I've put the gelatine in 24-36 hours before bottling.

Any idea's why the carbination is not happening? Have I dropped to much of the yeast out?



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Unlikely that you've dropped too much yeast, but is possible with a long secondary or a very high alcohol beer.

Try bringing those bottles up to 20ish if possible, that should sort it out.

Flavourwise I'm told you can over-fine a beer. I don't know how much is considered over-fining but you can drop out some stuff that gives flavour, mouthfeel and head retention. After hearing that to be on the safe side I dropped my gelatin amount from 1 tbsp to 1.5tsp (per 20L batch), with no difference to clarity and no recognisable difference in flavour, but better to be safe than sorry and all that.
Think I'll be dropping mine down too ...

Thanks Glen.


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