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hi all

Have been doing a few all grain brews recently but are keen to build a gravity system. Have all the pots, burners etc but really need someone who can build me a frame,does anyone know of a person who could wield one for me?

Cheers Adrian.

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks! Was happy with getting third with my second AG.

Your video is marked private and I can't see it!

Brew day yesterday again and while the BIAB is easy I'm getting annoyed with the amount of trub, hence the thought of a 3v system. Lost control of the bag at one point and ended up with a mess in the pot!


Hi Mike
I found these on trademe they seems really cheap, do you think they will work?

yip they look good and the price is right,Mike.

Cool I"'ll order them,cheers
Dene, your beer from Paul has arrived. How can I get it to you. re you going to the Southern Home Brewers meeting on Tuesday. if so I can bring it then otherwise I can drop it to you or vice versa.

cheers Adrian

At this stage I'm going on Tues so will pick it up. Thanks!

This guy is one of the best in NZ, but the problem is he is in Wellington. http://banksbrewing.blogspot.co.nz/

Sadly I know of this guy but he's too far away and the transport will kill it!

Cheers Dene ;-) I guess I am far enough away that the freight to Dunners when doing a small job would kill it but not always.

Adrian do you have an engineering dept at the polytech? Beer is the universal engineers lubricant you know...

Sounds like Mike might be your local man and with his Farra background...

Haha, yes we do have one! Sounds like mikes keen so will get him to build one.
Ok I,ll ring you then.


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