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hi all

Have been doing a few all grain brews recently but are keen to build a gravity system. Have all the pots, burners etc but really need someone who can build me a frame,does anyone know of a person who could wield one for me?

Cheers Adrian.

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Hi Adrian,

I been keen to hear what you come up with - looking to upgrade my system this year and not sure which way I'm going yet.

The farra system looks really good but it has a massive price tag - not suitable for you as you have all the bits already but looks like something to aim for!


The crazy thing is that I work at Polytech and we have a Farra system there, but I want my own 20ish ltr system. T he Farra system is pretty simple and for the money you can defiantly build your own, but basically I can't weld or cut metal...otherwise DYI capable!

What do they use the Farra system for? Is there a brewing course?

Not at this stage, but hospitality students ( mainly culinary arts students) make beer as part of food chemistry, but they are thinking of running courses down the track.

That would be great if they ran something. A certificate in Food Technology (Beer) would be great of it could be done in weekends, or maybe a few days in a block during the Polytech holidays. I'll sign up for that!

Iset up the farra system so am sure i could help you with yours,cheers mike.

To be honest I'm after a fairly simple system, nothing like the internal gas pipes of the Farra system, but really just a simple gravity system. I have all the pots chillers and gas burners, but not the frame to assemble it all on. Is it possible for you to construct a system for me?

no problem at all.just show me a little sketch of the idea you have for your brew kit and I can make it happen at your budget.mike 0211551506 anytime after this weekend,cheers

Thanks for that I will contact you next week Mike. maybe you could look at what gear I have and we could no something out.

Don't want to be hijacking Adrian's thread but I'd be interested to see what you can do. Looking for something later in the year perhaps.

no problem helping other home brewers.cheers

hi Dene

If you watch this you can follow the cost and build of my gravity system. PS I watched your HBW sessions, well done on the sjporr experiment.


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