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Girlfriends mum is in London right now, leaving tomorrow. She's offered to bring a bottle of beer back with her. Question is, what should I ask her to get? Needs to be reasonably common to buy too... not often you have the opportunity to have a imported beer this fresh!

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Thornbridge Jaipur.

Jaipur is pouring at the Lumsden right now, damn its good...  so good I have tracked down a recipe...

Morriesey Fox Blonde. Drink it while watching the show next weekend!!
Hasn't it finished? It was only a three parter.
and isn't the beer average?
Crouch Vale Brewer's Gold.
Should be reasonably easy to pick being that it is the only beer to have ever picked up back-to-back Champion Beer of Britain.

anything from Crouch Vale or Triple FFF would be worth a look.
Thomas Hardy Ale - just stopped production of these, but Waitrose was stocking them. 3.95 a pop. Get them while you can.
Sounds as though she's going to have to leave all her clothes behind in London to get all those bottles in!
Seriously? No more TH in production?
No more - its in the Malb Post that I read on stuff

one moment - i'll find the link

Not sure how well known that is tho - i expected beerstore would have sold out but it still has some (or did when i last looked)
Apologies for the slight thread jack


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