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Hey all, did a real stupid thing today and accidently left my heat pad on all day, eight hours and THIRTY SIX degrees later the brew is going crazy, airlock is bubbling up a storm. I used a Belgian yeast strain from Mangrove jacks, (making a Duvel clone) which can brew between 28 - 32 degrees. What I'm really asking here is, is my beer ruined? Thanks in advance. :/

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let the temp drop a few degrees. it will probably be fine just have me Belgian yeast character in the beer. do some googling on stc 1000 temperature controller for around $25 -30 you can wire one up to control your heat pad. let us kno whow the beer turns out

Cheers Bazza! Sounds like a plan, will let you know how it goes..

If its the M29 or whatever it is, it'll be pretty boozy most likely.

when did the temp go up? was it after inital fermentation?

It was a few days into fermentation. Fingers crossed!

you might be a little bit lucky.

the issues I've got with that yeast are ten fold (I hate that yeast, always find it harsh nad can be alcoholic)

You might be lucky with your beer, but the 36 degrees isn't great. i think you'll still get some off flavours, 

the bestthing i can say is 

relax, dont worry, have a homebrew. because its been to that temp, theres no going back, all you can do it wait, and hope it comes out ok. 

it may be a great beer, and it may not. oinly time will tell.

Its ruined best course is to bottle it up as planned and send it to me for disposal....I wont even charge you a fee  

Haha nice one! If you're in Titirangi, stop by for a bottle in a few months. ;)


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