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Hey guys,


So I'm going to make the move from BIAB to a 3 vessel system kinda soon, and I'm going to need a brewstand. I was wondering if you guys could offer some advice....


Here's the brief:


- I'm planning on using pumps, so it just needs to be one level surface, with a shelf underneath for pumps etc.


- It needs to be able to withstand having a gas burner going full tilt on it.


- Probably needs wheels so I can move it around a little bit.


- I can't weld.


- I don't have heaps of cash.


- I don't give a shit if it looks ugly.


Given those issues, what would you guys recommend to me? I know I probably should just fork out for a 2nd hand stainless bench, but if there are cheaper options around, I'd like to hear 'em!


Apologies if this has already been mentioned in other posts, but I couldn't find much when I searched the site.



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Yeah all the ones that come up in Auckland are expensive stainless ones.... I like the idea of the cheapy Bunnings ones.
Holy shit, someone has got to buy that MASSIVE bench!

Hey Stu.


Check out my new rig here.  I sourced the steel from a mate's old childhood trampoline which had been sitting at the bottom of his garden for 20 years.  I have another mate who was keen to learn to weld so he used it as his learning project (and did a great job!) - I'm sure if you ask around you'll have a mate in a similar situation.


If you can't find anyone you know who's keen to weld it up for you, I would suggest popping into your local engineering companies and asking there - it's a really easy project for them and you'll probably be able to find one who will do it for a few cases of beer.

That's a good point aye. They'd probably be able to provide the steel too aye?
I guess the real question is whether you want to go gravity fed or use a pump. If going gravity, you will probably want some sort of three tier setup. Maybe you can buy a very tall bench, and a smaller table, then have your keggle on some bricks.
I think I mentioned that at the start of the thread that yeah I'm going to use pumps. They just look like too much fun NOT to play with!
Haha. Apparently I read your post whilst drinking beer!


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