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Hey guys,


So I'm going to make the move from BIAB to a 3 vessel system kinda soon, and I'm going to need a brewstand. I was wondering if you guys could offer some advice....


Here's the brief:


- I'm planning on using pumps, so it just needs to be one level surface, with a shelf underneath for pumps etc.


- It needs to be able to withstand having a gas burner going full tilt on it.


- Probably needs wheels so I can move it around a little bit.


- I can't weld.


- I don't have heaps of cash.


- I don't give a shit if it looks ugly.


Given those issues, what would you guys recommend to me? I know I probably should just fork out for a 2nd hand stainless bench, but if there are cheaper options around, I'd like to hear 'em!


Apologies if this has already been mentioned in other posts, but I couldn't find much when I searched the site.



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Good topic Stu - I'm interested in the collective wisdom on this too.

I've been considering making a bolt together stand using modular steel shelving (Dexion is the brand I know but there are probably others similar out there).

The other option was scrap 2x4 framing with a space left for a cut down steel rim and a rebar/u-bolt/threaded rod arrangement to hold the kettle and suspend the hot bits.

It'd be great if anyone was happy to share pics of their set up.


There are a few SS bench's and pumps on trade me for sale ,I used a hot water booster pump for my sparging and a march pump from Joking its a good combo and ofcourse the sparge arm from Joe too ,I also have some perf stainless for a false bottom left over,  I went a bit overboard on my build my rig went a bit over budget but its worth every cent

The insulation on the mash tun is foam covered with foil it was an off cut from the milk vat cover :D
Wow yeah that's amazing Tim. You custom welded that up yourself though right?
nope I have a good friend who can weld ,every brewer needs an engineer friend
Cracking looking set up Tim - I can guarantee mine'll be more ghetto but thanks for posting pics. 
Good suggestion! Hmmm looking at the website, it's 185 quid for an 8pack of tubing... For that price it's probably just better to get a 2nd hand stainless bench on trademe...

Another thought - I've seen old 4 burner steel framed BBQs on the hard garbage that could be adapted too. 

Usually the parts that get hot rust out (burners, grills and the case that holds them) so people chuck them away - but the frames are in fair nick and they've got wheels already mounted! 

They could be adapted by drilling a few holes and bolting on some cross pieces.

If you're lucky you could get a spare gas bottle too.

Shit that's a really good thought! I guess it's just a case of finding one big enough.

Um I just use a cheap steel /wood bench from bunnings , got a couple of old paving stones which sit on top and put the burner on those (with the kettle lifted on bricks) currently using a 23jet mongolian and not managed to burn a hole in it yet.

Owwww now that's what I'm talking about! So the frame is steel, and the top of the bench wood? Can you vaguely remember how much you spent?
The wooden top (18mm ply) & steel bench work well for me, I don't know what types of burners you have in mind. But I use a off cut piece of fibra lite (house cladding) with a tin foil oven tray (glad), between the bench & burner (4 ring), no heat transfer at all to the bench. So all is good for the budget, which is small :o(


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