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Hi folks,

Getting ready to bottle my first barley wine. It's been sitting in secondary for about 5 weeks now. 11.5% at last check, fermented with 1968 ESB yeast. I'd prefer to bulk age it, but its in a PET carboy with less than awesome bung in the top so am thinking that getting it into glass sooner rather than later to limit oxidation would be better?

Also, think I'll add fresh yeast but some advice about which strain would be great. I've got an old jar of 1968 slurry in the fridge: revive that or add dry yeast e.g. US 05?

carbonation levels - I've heard that with the long aging of barleywines over-carbonation can happen. Best to shoot for around 1.5 volumes of CO2? 


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I had a similar situation with an Imperial Stout a while back. I primed with dextrose and added Champagne yeast. The champagne yeast has a very high alcohol tolerance, but can only metabolise simple sugars. This means that it will consume all the dextrose and only the dextrose which allows you to control the carbonation level. The perception of carbonation in a strong, heavy beer is less than it would be in a lighter beer, so I shot for 2.5 vols and that worked well.

The Champagne yeast also forms a very compact sediment so it's good for bottle conditioning. To calculate the amount of yeast required you can consult this document ...


my thoughts are that, you won't need the additional yeast if your only aging for  a short period. My understanding it will take longer to carb up, but it'll still carb. Same as lagering a beer. how long are you planning to age for?

Thanks guys. Planning on aging in the bottle for 6 months - 1 year after 1 month primary and 1.5 - 2 months secondary. Googling has yielded mixed experiences with bottling without adding extra yeast - some carbing up fine but slowly, but others not carbing at all because the yeast has had it after the tough fermentation and high alcohol environment. I am thinking I'll add yeast as an insurance policy - thanks for the champagne yeast suggestion Kevin, hadn't thought of that!


I see you're about to brew a barleywine too, Rob. I hope this discussion comes in handy for you too. I'll post my results when I'm done!


Great tim, that'd be grand. I don't think I'll be aging for the same period of time as you though.

Well, that's the plan at least....if I don't drink it first! Hoping to put it away somewhere and forget about it for as long as possible. Going to bottle in mostly 330ml bottles and sample every month or so to see how the flavour changes with age.

Yeah good plan. I'm quite excited about making my one,m and the changing flavours involved.
I've been doing a few 100% brett beers, and it's really interesting to see the changes in flavours from month to month. We'll have to swap a bottle or two once completed. (Auck2Chch obv.) Get some feedback etc.

I just put a BW into secondary 2 days and there is zero activity on the airlock... so the yeast be done and dusted or dead.

Considering the bottling yeast on this one.

(yes I guess this is no help... lol)


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