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Hi all
The registration page for Beervana volunteers is now up at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTNDFGH.
For those of you who haven't heard of it, Beervana is a craft beer festival being held on 5&6 August at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.  This year aims to be bigger and better than last.
Those who volunteer will receive a Beervana t-shirt and glass, entry into a free session for every session they volunteer and $20 worth of food and beverage vouchers.  
It is well worth it.  
As those of you who volunteered last year know, the volunteers work hard, they also have lots of fun and get to meet other beer lovers and brewers.

So, get yourself and your friends registering at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTNDFGH.
You can also check out the website at www.beervana.co.nz.
Feel free to leave me a post with any questions.

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signed up for friday afternoon volunteer work, get the friday evening to taste the wares. should be fun!
Excellent news and good plan.  The Friday day is an excellent shift to scope things out.
and thanks for taking on the job of organising the volunteers again!
Copied as... Friday arvo volunteer, friday eve get stuck in...

... also giving up my Sunday morning for the good of the crew :-)
That is crazy; but good on you.
What can i say... im a giver :)
Indeed...so far, you and one other person...But, there might be benefits...

On behalf of the SOBA committee, I'd like to give the mad props (that's what we do on this forum, right?) to Steph for taking on this enormous role. Her dedication to beer and to this cause is stunning.


You rock, Steph.





Ha ha...too kind.  I am very dedicated to drinking beer.  An excellent hobby, as I have discovered.
Absolutely - if anyone sees Steph without a drink in her hand, buy her one!
Right as I'm no longer looking at having a stand I guess I'd better volunteer instead. 
I'll aim for working the Saturday and enjoying the fest myself on the 1st session on Friday when it's not going to be as packed..... Makes it easier to talk to the brewers and to get a drink without standing in line.  :o)
Yup - the Sat night session is the best one to volunteer at...Bummer about your lack of beer arrivals...


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