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Hi all
The registration page for Beervana volunteers is now up at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTNDFGH.
For those of you who haven't heard of it, Beervana is a craft beer festival being held on 5&6 August at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.  This year aims to be bigger and better than last.
Those who volunteer will receive a Beervana t-shirt and glass, entry into a free session for every session they volunteer and $20 worth of food and beverage vouchers.  
It is well worth it.  
As those of you who volunteered last year know, the volunteers work hard, they also have lots of fun and get to meet other beer lovers and brewers.

So, get yourself and your friends registering at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTNDFGH.
You can also check out the website at www.beervana.co.nz.
Feel free to leave me a post with any questions.

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Done and done! ;)
Good man...do you want to work the Canterbury bar?
As long as it isn't set up to shake every couple of hours, I'm your man! :)
Well, the stadium does shake a little so I cannot guarantee steady nerves...But, can;t be any worse than what you guys are going through.

Have filled in the rego :)

Most awesome...Sat night, I presume!!
Umm, Yes!!! :)
Excellent...those in the know...
Done and looking forward to it
Excellent, I need 40 people behind the bars each session this year.

Hi Steph,  Could you elaborate on what the set up is this year.  I've heard that volunteers will be serving beer not the brewers.  Is that the case?



Sure...The Beervana brand has been bought by David Cryer of Cryer Malts (and the Chairperson of the Brewers Guild).  David is keen to build Beervana as NZ premier craft beer event.  He is working on a different format to hopefully grow the event.  


This year there will be about 10 bars, representing different regions of New Zealand, from Auckland to Otago.  There will also be a (fingers-crossed) real beer bar, a festive brew bar, an Australian beer bar and a cider bar.


In order to support the success of the event, we are relying on volunteers to work behind the bars.  There will be about 40 bar service roles at each session.  There will also be people helping out with the container and stocking the beer, people assisting with merchandising and with the educational sessions.


I hope to run the volunteering similarly to other year, but with bigger numbers, so the volunteers will work hard but also (hopefully) get a bit of a break during the event.  There are the usual t-shirt and free session, but also this year $20 worth of tokens as part of the volunteer package.


The idea is to have the brewers at the event, but being able to spend more time talking with the punters, rather than serving their beers.  This should make them a bit more available to the crowd.


What it does mean is I need 60 volunteers per session, and about 300 in total; double last time...EEekk!  So, convince your friends and sign up!


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