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I've attached the beer list for Beervana.  I imagine it is subject to change but it is looking pretty sharp.


Some people seem worried that not many breweries will show up... and that Beervana won't be the same as it was the last couple of years.  Well, it won't be the same but that doesn't mean it will be anything less.


I'm not afraid of change, and although i may well have done things a little differently, I was definitely behind the idea that Beervana was run by someone other than the Brewer's Guild. And I couldn't think of anyone better than David Cryer. I'm willing to roll my sleeves up, reserve judgement and give back any feedback to make it even better this year.


Looking through that beer list, I have a good feeling about this year already... can't wait until Friday night where I take of my serving hat and put on my drinking one!


ps. I hope you've volunteered! I have for both "morning" sessions.

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Yea I had a look and it's very enticing Stu, got me thinking I should turn up this year .. I like the look of the wee mix

I must say i wasn't that happy with the location until someone rightly pointed out to me that the purpose of a beer festival is to drink beers, not look at a pretty surrounding. And who knows, Westpac stadium might be an awesome venue. They have the toilets for it.


Plenty of new beers on the list to keep me satisfied. And don't forget about the "enlightenment sessions". I'll give up some drinking time for the malt and hop seminar.


p.s I have volunteered. hope I'm stationed at really good beer stand

Alex and I are worried we might need a third session to taste everything we want to taste and still remain fighting fit for "after" sessions around the bars!


I agree, it looks fantastic. Hats off to David for making this happen, and if he loses his shirt, I will certainly be the first to offer him one of mine. It's big enough! ;)

what a list !!! 

what a list indeed... I'm volunteering for two sessions... then walking and talking one other. It'll be dangerous. It'll end in tears unless I'm well prepared and ruthless about cutting conversations short!


WHAT. A. LIST. my eyes are watering and my mouth salivating.

Think I'm going to buy entrance to the Friday as I'm drinking Saturday Afternoon and working Saturday evening and I still think there's no way I can taste those I want to. Messy.


Hat's off to David. Hope he makes a profit....

Volunteering on the Thursday setup and Saturday afternoon, drinking on Friday night. Can't wait, missed last year, and cut a trip to Sydney short to attend this year :)


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