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Hey guys

I have just received my Bayou burner from amazon, unfortunately it seems to have lost some screws or spring that adds resistance to the air control. Can any one help with what size the screws are?

I have also never really attached a gas line to a burner before[yeah I know, sad state of a man] Is there anything I should know before I attempt it? Would like to keep my face and eye brows if possible!


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when connecting my burner I just used yellow gas thread tape and it seemed to work alright still got eye brows and a full head of hair,

I'd find someone with a tap and die set to find thread size as the American stuff is all sorts of random sizes and threads, or maybe an engineering supplies outfit as I wouldn't think it would be a mainstream thread here in NZ

Cheers for the reply man! Will have look for some gas tape at the hardware. Luckily the gas line came with the burner, so that should line up fine. And I think the connection to the actual gas cylinder should be fine...?

not sure about the gas cylinder end, just get some soapy water when you hook it up and before flames are nearby and put it around fitting to check for leaks and it should all be tickety boo

Yep... Lost my spring in the mail too... So I just connected it anyway.

Other wise it connect fine to NZ standard gas bottle.

how long did this take to arrive from order day?  I assume the cost was approx $145 incl postage?

Just a bit less than that.. but I would look closely at the one on http://allgrain.co.nz/product_info.php?cPath=14_18&products_id=...

since they are local (NZ wise)... and it looks very similar to the Bayou SP10.

Nothing wrong with the Bayou SP10 though (except all the paint slowly burning off).

Hey Peter,

It took just over a week to arrive. I payed about $135 including shipping, it was a bit cheaper I am guess as I bought it when the NZ dollar was strong against the US. Watch the market and you might be able to get a decent bargain. The Burner that Grant has provided a link for is a decent bet as well.

Hope that helps mate! Churs


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