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Hi everyone, just thought it was pertinent to let everyone know to avoid purchasing anything from kegresources.co.nz. A few months ago I ordered some keg post poppets from them. Transaction went through (not too much $ which was lucky). They have never arrived. They have not answered any of my emails or answered their phone. There are others who have posted similar reviews on google. Avoid!

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I had the same thing a few months back. Ordered two taps, 80mm shank flow restrictor taps at $107ea. No communication at all from the owner. Once I emailed and said I would be disputing my credit card payment, he emailed me saying they would be in the post the next day. They weren't, so I managed to get hold of him on the phone. He then told me the adjustable flow taps that I ordered were out of stock, but he would send me a slightly more expensive tap to make up for it. Well the taps that turned up were plain intertaps that he sells for $76, but out of the goodness of his heart he charged me $107 each for...what a good bastard

My experience a couple of months back was a disposable Co2 cylinder I bought off him on Trademe.

He advertised it as 1 kg but it was only 600g. And he was not helpful at all when I was asking him about thread fittings, regulators etc for it.

Lesson learned, should have gone straight to a proper Cylinder setup.

Yeap - same issue - had to contact them - really over priced - don't now how they survive


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