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What beers did you brew during 2009?

I've just been looking back at the beers that I brewed last year and found it interesting to look at the different styles and how many I brewed. I brewed 18 beers in total, 6 of them being pale ales of some description, and arguably one lager fermented at 17c.

1 x Brown Ale
2 x Porter
6 x Pale Ale (APA & NZPA)
1 x Hefe Weizen
1 x Belgian Pale Ale
1 x Blonde Ale
1 x American Wheat
1 x Fruit Beer (Raspberry Wheat)
1 x Spice/Herb/Veg (Coconut Porter)
1 x IPA
1 x Schwarzbier
1 x Stout

APA brewed for the WnBC. It was one of the last beers I brewed and I think my beers improved as the year progressed. One of the few beers that I've brewed that I would happily brew again without changing anything.

Hefe Weizen using WB-06

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1 hectolitre = 100 litres = approx. 1 US barrel. I hope NZ Customs arent looking at this site, there is some impressive volumes being 'home-brewed' that they're missing out on revenue ;-) I can only account for about 200 litres at home, but they are generally over 10%...
I don't think the volume is in question, but to whom there is a dispostion....

Excise Act
So does that mean you technically have to pay excise tax even if you give it away?
You'd have to register with customs first...

Personal opinion only (I'm no lawyer - thankfully)... Surely a blind eye would be turned on sharing with people, or giving away a bottle or two, or case swaps... but brewing for parties, weddings etc (especially regularly) could probably get you in some grief. Bertering certainly would... and as for selling, I needn't bother.
The cost of enforcement generally outweighs the revenue from fines, I guess they figure most people are 'doing the right thing'. I only know of 1 prosecution in 25 years of brewing - but the guy did have over 1000 litres of spirit in storage. I think they decided that was a bit more than for 'personal use'...
yeh, that mistake got made a couple of days ago too.

I only did 5hL myself... pathetic. I'll have brewed 1hL done in January 2010 so am on target for a much better homebrew volume this year.
I don't have a full list, but since July we've done:
2x summer/blonde ales
3x pale ales
1x porter
1x witbier
1x pseudo-lager

Pretty sure that the first half of the year included a few of these too, but I've lost the details bugger it. Looking at the volumes though, we've done about 6 hectolitres since July. Lucky there's three of us to drink it all!

Best: the first of the summer/blonde ales - all sauvin-y goodness and tasty malt.
Worst: the witbier. Used the wrong wheat, ended up at a bit over 6%abv and wasn't that enjoyable to drink. Bugger wheat beers from now on.


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