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Ladies and Gentlemen start your burners! Entries are now open for the 2008 SOBA National HomeBrew Championship. Entries will close on 31 July 2008. Judging will be done during August and results announced at the SOBA HomeBrewFest, which this year will be during the BrewNZ week - first week of September.

For entry forms and more information please see www.soba.org.nz

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"Bring your daughter to the porter"
I'm not sure which one is more PC.
PC be damned! oh i like that even more! hahahaha
I noticed Steve's daughter gave him the biggest congratulations.

Talking kids...
I put Beastie Boys' The Mix-Up on in the car today and said to my son Frankie "Fancy some Beastie Boys?". He replied "Yep, Yeastie Boys! Go get some beer". Bless him.
Steve, you and James (and the other major prize winners) are certainly entitled to silly grins! Congratulations to you all.

I was grinning like a fool for at least a day too - best in classes and medals were a bit of a shock, since I just wanted to improve on last year's "problematic" brews.

And of course a big thanks to Rob and the judges.
Any idea when the feedback will arrive?

Gonna brew my blonde again and really want to know where I went wrong before giving it another shot.
Yeah! I was wondering the same
Me too!!
I think feedback is being sent out at the same time as the medals, which have only just arrived.


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