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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Might aswell be the first to post.

A lager based on BYO's Warsteiner clone
EdWort of HomeBrewTalk.com Apfelwein
A Best Bitter based on a Boddington's clone - conditioning in the keg
Swinelager - Trial brew for Belgium - 6.5% manuka pils - gave it a nudge last night - oowharr!
Brewing in the morning - a real bitza from the grain I have left with 3kg LME, for the SOBA do at the boatshed.

cheers, off to have a squizz at all the piccys !
Dark Mild, low gravity, 1968 yeast - good quaffer!
Ordinary and best bitters, Maris otter, crystal, dark crystal, amber, goldings, S04.
And a robust porter for Christmas, but it needs some attention to water chemistry, my tank water is too soft! mash efficiency 8 gravity points off!
A summer bitter (doesn't really fit any style, but closest to an Ordinary Bitter, though too pale - just Maris Otter, and too much hop character - all late hopped) and an IPA. The IPA is conditioning in the keg, and the summer bitter is bubbling in the fermenter. I'll be brewing the IPA again this weekend, as I'm trying to fine tune it for serving at a friend's wedding in January.
I'm tempted to try this if anyone in Welly has some pale grain on offer
Done a few of their recipes as extract / partial and enjoyed them - but I usually upped the IBUs significantly


3kg pale
15gm Roast Barley
750gm brown sugar

Now the bizzo, never brewed with a sugar adjunct or this low a grain bill, how's this look

Mash and batch sparge for say 17.5 litres in the kettle.
Top that up to 23 litres (disolve the sugar in that top up water)
Boil back to 17 to 18 litres into the fermenter (2 litre allowance for hop & trub)
Top up to get my final gravity (I'm going to go to about 1.038)

Can't bear to hop as lowly as the recipe suggests so thought I'd go
11IBU @60 min, 8 @ 30 min and 5 @ 15 min

Thoughts or suggestions fellow brewmeisters - especially from anyone that's done this or similar recipe ?
I have 2 kegs of mild conditioning (MO, Crystal, touch of Choc malt, Fuggels) in the cellar, a keg of ordinary bitter tapped on the bar (MO, Crystal Fuggels/Goldings), I have two fermentors of Best Bitter in primary from yesterday (MO, Crystal touch of Patent, Fuggels/Goldings) and have a two mash brew day planned for thursday one will be a batch of IPA for the SOBA homebrew awards festival (Pearl Pale, NZ Cascade , Fuggels, Goldings, Styrians) and a 2 keg batch of summer ale (Pearl Pale/ Kraut Lager malt, Goldings, Styrians) . All of course S-04.

Believe it or not I have actually been pretty lax on the brewing front recently as I was waiting on a delivery. Hopefully I will get a 38 litre batch of Imperial Stout down soon My cellar is looking alittle bare.
Bugger all, fell off my bicycle a few times the other weekend (3am) broke my shoulder, cant lift a ladle! Dammit!
Still ive got a NW lager, a special, 2 NW pales sitting around in the brew room, will bottle them one day!
Must get motivated to send bottles this week for the comp!
Just did the mashout step on a Anchor Steam clone. Giving Saflager S23 a shot at the job, fingers crossed it will come out OK.
I'm just about to brew SOB (Saxbys Ordinary Bitter) for the second time after the first batch came out a stunner. Recipe as follows:

3.3kg Maris Otter
220g 60L Crystal
50g UK Chocolate

Single infusion mash at 68C for an hour, batch sparged at 76C

50g Fuggles @ 60m
20g Fuggles @ 20m
30g Fuggles @ 1m

OG 1.038 FG 1.011 IBU 35ish

3.5% ABV

Can anyone tell me where I can get a mashing vessel from?
I haven't done a grain beer before I have always used kits.


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