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Can someone recommend a suitable Iodophor , brand names, size price etc,
Is the dairy stuff any good, the couple of brands I saw at the dairy supplies had additives so I wouldnt want to use them!


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Is there anyone in Wellington with half a litre of Iodophor they would like to sell?

I've just used my last drop.

Ive got a Klenz 5L a couple of weeks ago $55 from pgg wrightson, after ordering it.
Its saving a hell of alot of time and quite handy to have around for dumping stuff in, filling airlocks on the fly etc,
What would you say is the average lifespan of a mix kept sealed in a dark cold room?
Ive found the colour fade quite quick when the lid is left off.
Try using optimum II. can be used as a no rinse sanitizer. cleaner then iodophor but more expensive i think
Good discussion of Iodophor on Basic Brewing Radio, the link to the Podcast is here:


There lots of good brewing discussions on this website!

Just got of the phone with the local pgg wrightson. They said that Klenz stopped producing their iodophor and they couldn't order any in. He did however have something called "Iodophor multi". Does anyone know if that's the same stuff, just made by someone else? Or even better: have any one tried it?

Oh, also called RD1, they did have the Klenz, but 20 litres was the smallest amount and they couldnt order anything smaller...
Might be worth buying a 20L while its still available, im sure others here will be keen for some I would if I could afford it, the local pgg had to get my 5l from christchurch.
Just as a matter of interest I have recently purchased 20 lts of idophor from orica via David Cryer. As this will last for ages, I will sell small amounts to anyone who may be interested. The price would be worked out when I get replies.
Put me down for some.
I'm definately after some, cheers


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