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Can someone recommend a suitable Iodophor , brand names, size price etc,
Is the dairy stuff any good, the couple of brands I saw at the dairy supplies had additives so I wouldnt want to use them!


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don't use it, you will be able to taste it in your beer.
Ive often wondered whether the no rinse iodophor method leaves a taste or not, ive never used it myself so wouldnt know, there seems to be alot of people using it though!
Ok maybe i,ll stick to the acid sanitizer and lots of rinsing.
I've been using Iodophor for a while now (~12.5ppm, no-rinse), I haven't noticed any flavour from it. There's a homebrewer who tested it by adding different amounts to a volume of beer and noted the taste threshold. IIRC the amount was quite large that would need to be left before one can taste it. Google should bring it up.

I bought mine from another member of this forum and so don't know the brand, price etc. One liter lasts a long freeking time though.

What were the additives? Iodophor usually has surfactant in it as well besides iodine, but I don't know what the name of the surfactants are.
I think the main additive was emollients, another had vitamins etc for animal health, it would be great to have a no rinse solution to all the bottles im constantly sanitizing and rinsing, and the amount of power I must use from all the hot water I use to rinse with, also the water supply is questionable so rinsing with it may be a little dodge, but in saying that the only infections ive ever got are from bad yeast starters and dry hopping!
Maybe the good stuff is sourced from a pharmacy?
Maybe I should start work on my microwave bottle steriliser!
I use Klenz Iodophor. Have done for a year or so now. Can't taste or smell it, never come across anyone who could, and I've never had a problem with it (though, strangely, Kieran had a weird problem with it when I gave him some once - it had little dregs in the bottom of the jar).
I heard this happens when it goes off. Iodine crystalising in the bottom maybe, I dunno.
Where do you get the klenz iodophor from stu? I wouldnt mind trying it out for myself?
I got it at RD1 in Featherston. They said they were no longer going to stock the 5L ones any longer but that if I called ahead they were more than happy to get some in for me.

Here's a couple of articles:

There's also heaps on all the usual forums. Read up as much as you can.
I bought some Klenz Iodophor from Farmlands, it was 5 litres and I figure at the rate of 0.75 mL per L (12.5 ppm Iodine) that's good enough for treating 6666L, from memory it was expensive $60 or 0.9 cents/L. If they use it in the dairy industry wouldn't I be tasting it in my milk??

NZbrewer, what would you recommend as a sanitiser?

I use Klenz iodophor also, bought from Albany RD1. They had to get it in from another branch because the Albany area isn't known for it's dairy farming - it's all dry stock. If you try an RD1 in an area where dairy farming is strong they are bound to stock it. Cost me $70 or so for 5lts, which is an outlay, but it lasts a LONG time (I've had it for a year and still can put a fairly short syringe in the neck and draw the stuff out without tipping the bottle up).
I've never been able to taste it, I try to let it flash off as much as possible though. Doesn't take long.
That American homebrewers no-rinse experiment can be found here.
The stuff with emmoliant is for teat spray not plant sanitation. Don't use that. Klenz is what I use. Was using it for everything no-rinse, even bottling. Couldn't taste it. Try to fine a low foaming one - the med or high foaming contains more surfactant. Good for "wetting" properties but hard to drain from narrow necked items eg carboys, and bottles.
Cheers for the pointers guys! will give it a go sometime!


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