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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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you are speaking my language! Sounds like a plan.

Mac's Sassy Red

They have changed this beer, way for the better....     taste like they have moved to a different possibly english yeast and the dark roast is sharp and well roasty....   its way way better

Agree, the Hop Rocker has much more aroma as well!

I tried the Mac's twenty twenty last weekend. Very nice drop, the dry hopping works nicely.

I want a fruity Style drink made with tequila Spirit for a sweltering day..

Stuck in Hawera for work, but was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of craft beer at Super Liquor. Had a Mikes OMPA pale ale (excellent, grapefruit flavours) and a Ballast Point BigEye IPA which is more of a malt-focused IPA I reckon, or maybe my taste buds haven't recovered from the OMPA! Great head retention and lacing on the big eye.

Off for some scallops and blue cod on the company card now :)

I am drinking an ice cold Pilsner Urquell and it is amazing. Old school refreshing

Good George Kiwi Sour in the sun, awesome beer. So refreshing, I would have a crack at this if it didn't involve so much time.

Sour mash bro.

Hooked on sour, trying the Grapefruit one tomorrow

wow ,  this is such a great beer, was a super hot day and this was my first beer...   if you haven't tried one do so bloody amazing and only 10 ibu   from their website Our best selling beer at Beervana 2014!

Beer geek stuff

Style White Beer
Stats ABV 4.4%
Bitterness = 10 IBU
Colour = 3 SRM
Malt Pilsner, Torrified Wheat, Rolled Oats 
Hops Kohatu, Wakatu 
Other Egyptian chamomile
Yeast Fermentis K-97


Bastards, I always thought chamomile would go well in a wheat beer, it is on my list to brew. Confirms how ahead of the curve I am..;) Thanks Pete will have to check it out


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