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$50+GST / month


Well some things have to come to an end and the Plant from K.E.A Breing is moveing off shore. Oh well........have alot of grain to move if anyones interested. Heres the list

Pilsner 75kg
Carapils 48.5kg
Munich 27kgs
Pale Ale UK 435kg
Caraamber 34.5kg
Caraaroma 85kg
Wheat 210kg
Smoked Malt 50KG
Black 26.5kg
Brown 30.5kg
Roast wheat 3kg
Caramunich 9.5 kg
Caramel Wheat 70kg

Contact me via this means if interested.

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Hi Warren,

I'm most interested in some of your malts. Is there a minimum order quantity? Do you allow pickups?

Hi Warren, yeah I'm interested and would also be interested in any hops you have left over.

I'd be interested also, not in huge quantities though. If splitting it into tiny amounts and shipping all over the show is NOT what you're interested in doing, please disregard :)
Hi Warren

Similar position as Barry.

It's another "me too" here.
Am I correct in thinking this is all gone and done now?


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