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So, briefly, complete home brew newbie - inherited some gear from my boss and decided to start brewing this weekend. I'm a little concerned about my brew, because despite the fact that it's bubbling away OK (although not quite as enthusiastically as I'd like), I think it might be a bit hot.

I used safeale S-04, which according to the packet (which I sensibly threw away) is useful at temperatures from 14-22 (or maybe 24?) degrees. The only thing I have as a thermometer at the moment is a strip stuck to the side of the keg, which is showing 26 degrees. The thing's stuck in the corner of my bedroom, about the coolest place I could think of, and to be honest I have my doubts about it actually being 26 degrees, but that aside, is there any way of cooling the thing down?

I've already stuck a wet t-shirt over it and stood it in a tray of water, which seems to have had literally zero effect, but apart from that, I'm stumped. I don't have a garage or anything - the only other option is to leave it outside in the yard, which I don't imagine is a good idea.

I've read some stuff on the web about 'temperature controllers' which seem to consist of dismembering a fridge and fitting a whole load of new electronics to it - a bit beyond both my expertise and budget, I'm afraid. So, any other ideas?

Cheers, everybody.

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I use the Mashmaster one that Barry mentions. Works like a dream. I still need to sort out a proper plastic box to mount it inside but (as mentioned elsewhere) my DIY skills are limited.
Fridgemate as well.

Just got one of them plastic boxes from tricky dickys and cut a hole in it with a drill then coping saw. Doesn't have to be perfect cause the lip of the controller will cover most imperfections as it did on mine ;-)
As Stu mentioned on the previous page a bigger container full of water and ice works well, a twice daily change of frozen riggers of water, ive managed to ferment a lager at a consistent temp of 10-12oC when the room temp is in the twentys.
Just returned from Australia (nice wee trip, gotta learn how to brew Pure Blonde now!) and after talking to a couple of lager brewers on the Gold Coast, they recommended craftbrewer, so I thought I would add another website for the FridgeMate (and at a lower price than mashmaster):



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