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So what do you think of this new version of RealBeer.co.nz 3.0

- check out the rss feeds, this will mean you get the updates from the forums and website with out having to visit everyday.

What do you like about the new version?

Currently only a very limited number of people have been invited to have a look around the new site. You are welcome to invite others to join.


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OK, some feedback.

I LOVE the new site in general. The RSS feed has made my year (now that it's almost over). The layout is great, although can be a little cluttered. I both like and dislike (yes, I'm a confused lad) the "web 2.0ness" of the site, it can be overly "noisy", with lots of events firing. I also dislike the fact that it's built around a social networking model, which doesn't really seem that relevant for realbeer - I mean, I don't really want to add "friends", I assume that everyone here is pleasantly disposed toward each other, and adding "friends" just duplicates things I already have elsewhere (facebook et al) without any real benefit.

So yeah, I know that sounds more negative than positive, but my impression is actually the opposite. It's just easier to point out flaws than sing praises! :)

More to come as I use the site more.
Thanks for the feedback and have to agree.

I guess as people start using it I can see what works and what doesn't. If something doesn't work then I can delete it.

Also there is some built in features that lets you do stuff with the likes of Facebook and the like, and gadgets. Still haven't played around with that stuff yet but as people get use to what we have I will be trialling some of the other cool things. But only if it is going to add value.
Photos ! Videos ! Friends ! Blogs ! There's even discussion about beer !

I like what I see, all great things, lots of different ways to talk B E E R if I can figure them all out

cheers jt(echnodummy)
Im finding it alittle clunky. I like what its offering but I find myself getting lost alot, perhaps its just me. I will coment on what I think is a forum and then find its not in the forums section when I want to go back to it, is there some kind of member to member forums as well?
Perhaps streamling would make it simpler.
Yes, I think the "member comments" confuse things a bit.

Private Messages should be sufficient, trying to follow conversations across people's member pages is difficult. Is there a way to turn these off?

Otherwise great. I like the far better integration of photos and videos etc. Not to mention good silly photos for avatars :-D
I'm still looking around and getting my head around this new style.

So far, (I'm on Dial Up), I haven't noticed any difference in speed of pages loading etc, which is really good.

As the discussions increase in size, I'm picking thats when this new board will be tested and I can comment further.

I've had a quick look at the rss. It's new to me and I will try it out.

Thanks for the invite to this board Luke and a Hearty Cheers for your support and committment to the NZ brewing and Homebrewing scene. Much appreciated.


I love it...Its like driving a new sports car, takes abit to get used to it ...or maybe its like a new girl friend... all in all its great fun :)

"Its like driving a new sports car, takes abit to get used to it ...or maybe its like a new girl friend."

Aw Daz, you know you'll get screwed in the end .. especially in a sports car with the price of gas these days
Cant beat a good screwing JT :)


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