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Hi All
(Hopefully I didn't miss a thread here, I searched first!)
Just wanted to see if anyone has rhizomes available this year? I hear there is a shortage, however if there are any suppliers anyone knows of I would be keen to given them a go!

Maybe we can get a list of suppliers going? I see in the old forum that Stephen @ Hallertau may have been one of them, any ideas?


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denimglen is spot on. Waimea replied to my enquiry saying they only stock the smoothcone vairety in the form of plants in 2L pots in late spring. Price quoted was $12 + GST + frieght. They also list an Aureus variety on their website but it was unclear whether this would be available. Anyone know how good Aureus is for brewing? The stuff on the website suggests it is more ornamental than good for brewing.

Parva replied that their previous owners had stocked hops but that they do not currently stock them and had no plans to do so.

The choice is looking pretty limited. I suggest people interested in growing their own hops keep contacting these companies and maybe the Hop Marketing Board every year to express an interest in a wider selection of varieties available for homebrewers in NZ. Other than that, you will have to rely on the kindness of other homebrewers that already have their own plants to share their rhizomes come pruning time.

On another note, anyone know if hops will grow well in pots? I realise your pot would have to be pretty big - perhaps one of those half-barrel type ones would do. It's just I live in a rented house at the moment and something in a pot would be movable if I had to move. Or would it be better to just plant it in the ground and then dig it up if required?
Simon, I got bcc'd into your email also!

Also try www.fragrantgarden.co.nz they also have smoothcone and aureus @ $6 + GST + Freight ($10 NI, $15 SI). They were pretty sure they were the only other place offering hops but I'll keep looking
Thanks. I have searched on both websites but could not find the rhizomes, so I have sent a private email to each company requesting a link to any page that they have on hop rhizomes, or other info. When I hear from them, I will add any links/info to our Grow-Hops site.


Bill Velek
The link in your post no longer works.
Chris, you will need to take the /catalogue.html off the link and just reference the base URL... ning doesn't allow you to edit your post after 15 minutes, so it's not going to get fixed!
I looked at Fragrant Garden, there is no variety listed, sounds like it is only good for stuffing pillows!
Unfortunately Ive already split mine for the year for someone and dont really want to disturb them again, NZ Cascade grown from a seed 2 years ago, (see photos) its pretty good, a little different than the nelson variety, whether because its from a seed or the growing environment I dunno, if you have no luck over the next few weeks get back to me and I may just get the spade out again in return for a few bottles.
How did you germinate? I've got some leftover NZ cascade cones in the fridge which are full of seeds. Probably from the same source as yours but from this years harvest.
I put a dozen or so seeds in soil kept it moist and robbed my heat pad for a week to keep them warm, I only had one successful seed, luckily it was female, there are quite a few rhizomes from this seed around the country now, plant em keep em warm and see how it goes!
I may have some hop rhizomes that I could let go of but I'm not 100% sure yet, same cascade cross as Dan's.
Just to put my hand out - I would be very interested in some rhizomes if some one has some available/ spare.

Hi Horace! I owe you for the potentiometer, so i,ll dig around and see if I can get anything more, I dont want to dig up the whole rhizome and destroy the root system rather cut off bits around it which ive already done last week, i,ll let you know how I get on.


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