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Ok - so this might seem a little weird and PC by my usual standards but in team meetings at work I encourage people to give a quick "barometer" check of their week to see how they are going. It helps people crystallize their thoughts into the essential things that are going on. So I thought I would try it here on the forum.
There are only 3 rules:
1. You must provide an answer when asked as you would in a team meeting at work - if you are lucky enough ;-) (volunteer out of turn - it's fine on a forum);
2. You may have as many highs for the week as you can reasonably think of but at least one is compulsory; and
3. You may have a maximum of only 1 low for the week.

So what are my items this week? Glad you asked....

1. California Lager yeast (Wyeast 2112) - wow, just loving it and the fact that beers take so little time to condition up!
2. Quick disconnects for my gas on my corny kegging system - how did I live before hand. If people want to get you a cheap but valuable present for birthday/father's day/any other reason then get them to buy you a QD's for less than $35.

1. Promising 15L of beer to a friend on Friday 30th May and knowing that you don't have a hope in hell as it's that good it won't last that long! ;-)


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Man that would hurt, every sponge full of beer going down the drain would be so painful





I guess the next question that'd interest anyone with cornies is how it managed to pop it's own lid ?
No jt,  it wasn't a corny, it was that brown Pin on the right of the picture you use with a hand pump. Too much pressure I guess,  I was fairly certain it had finished fermenting and had only added 40g of sugar to the keg just to give it a small amount of carbonation.  My consipiracy theory is the large low pressure system over NZ made it happen....
floor suck


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