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At 2:58pm on February 15, 2009, Greig McGill said…
Sorry Dai, this comment thing seems a bit broken. Half the time my RSS feed doesn't tell me I have a new one, and I've only just noticed your comment from January 15!

Re: Green Bullet - I can detect some flavour from them, even after 60m of boiling, but to be honest, it's not a flavour that screams nasty hop (the vegetal, sharp taste they impart if used any later in the boil), and while it detracts a tad from the "Englishness" of SOB, I do find it pleasant enough and easier on the pocket. I've been playing with Super Alpha recently, also as another economic and easily available bittering-only hop.

I wouldn't use either with an American style beer, as any US clean fermenting yeast will expose the bittering hop flavour more. English yeasts tend to produce more esters, masking and melding with the bittering hop flavours.
At 3:01pm on February 15, 2009, Greig McGill said…
Oh, and are you serious about the Londoner in your profile? That beer has MAJOR issues! :) A friend of mine (Brent) knows the brewer and has been meaning to have "that conversation" with the brewer, who Brent claims is probably just too busy to fix it, and when the local punters drink it anyway, why would he? :)
At 2:35pm on April 7, 2009, JoKing said…
Thanks mate... it's a 38L Brewcraft fermenter with a steel braided hose bungend on the inside of the tap. It fits 12 kilos of malt in it with a LGR of 2.2:1. I lose approximately a degree per hour at the moment. There is a lid for it too with the foam on it. I put it on and leave it for an hour.... Sweet As!

It took about 3 different mash setups to find what is best for me... and this is it! The beers come out as bright as you want with the recirculating mash - it's awesome!
At 2:57pm on April 7, 2009, JoKing said…
It depends how much malt is in your recipe, so I'll give you a couple of examples...

3.7kg grist (my TTL Clone) I had 85% efficiency.
5kg grist, Ive had 86% (with some very diastatically powerful malt) but most of the time its 82%
6.15kg grist (Dubbel) 80%
8.1kg grist (my IIPA) 78%
9.38kg grist (Mikes Maniacally Mad Mixture of Malted Meal featuring the four C hops) 75%

So, I suppose there are a few factors that affect the efficiency - to me it is the brand of base malt you use and how much you use in the mash.
At 4:44pm on April 29, 2009, Laurel said…
I was actually just in Canada a few weeks ago and Keiths Red wasn't bad at all! Was actually pretty impressed with a lot of the beers Canadians are brewing these days, can't wait to join them!
At 3:40pm on May 28, 2009, Simon David kelly said…
Thanks for the offer Dai. I've put a bit in on two of the 50lt ones. Meant to do a 50 and 30, but clicked the wrong one. Got excited :)

I'll email the guy and ask if the arrangements ok. I'll comment again when I find out.
At 5:25pm on May 28, 2009, Simon David kelly said…
Just heard back from the seller, he's all fine for a Monday pick up if I win. Are you sure you'll be ok bring two 50l kegs back? :o) If not I can arrange for a courier.

Thanks again for the offer.
At 8:44am on May 29, 2009, Simon David kelly said…
Email on it's way.
At 8:42am on June 26, 2009, Simon David kelly said…
Just finished the renovation of the wife's rental, so this weekend is the start of the big cut up. Got a few lengths of copper and will be picking up some quick release fittings.

I've got a March pump on my Birthday wish list, and I'm hunting down some temperature probes that will suit.

I'm not 100% sure as to whether I should make them both identical so they can be a tun or boiler and have them gas heated. Or make one a dedicated boiler and use heater coils.

Decisions Decisions.
At 8:20pm on November 30, 2009, Richee said…
Hi Dai,

If you're at a loose end in Napier you're more than welcome to try some of my home brews, I'm sure Sparky would have a couple to try as well. 021 900 160

At 2:11pm on December 10, 2010, BrewShop.co.nz said…

Hi Dai, glad you like our site. We probably won't have new S-33 stock in until sometime in January. But in the meantime I have a few sachets that are past their BB date if you wanted to try it first. Just send me your address and I'd drop one in the post. I used one the other day and they're still full of life.

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