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At 6:59pm on March 12, 2009, studio1 said…
Yeah sweet, I've got 1332 in the starter at the mo so that was my first choice and also what I used in the Blonde. You used Ringood at all? got a smackpack of that gagging to go too, thinking of an ESB for that.
At 1:07pm on March 13, 2009, James P said…
The box is at home, and I am stuck at work..... woe is me right now, however I will settle them in the fridge and take a crack at them this weekend!
At 1:17pm on March 13, 2009, James P said…
Couple more days in the keg and Blonde Joke should be carbed enough, then I'll send up a bottle of that, with a bottle of my last Pils (nearly gone) and Dark Crystal Irish Stout.
At 6:19pm on March 17, 2009, studio1 said…
G'day - Planning to brew the IPA Massacre tomorrow. Hows this look to you? Colour looks a bit lighter - perhaps I don't have the right specs entered for the malt.

Recipe: IPA Massacre
Brewer: Gaz
Style: American IPA

Recipe Specifications
Batch Size: 23.00 L
Boil Size: 32.3 L
Estimated OG: 1.072 SG
Estimated Color: 12.9 SRM
Estimated IBU: 53.8 IBU
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amount Item Type % or IBU
3.21 kg Golden Promise (2.5 SRM) Grain 41.35 %
2.68 kg Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 34.50 %
1.61 kg Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain 20.70 %
0.27 kg Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) Grain 3.45 %
20.00 gm Riwaka [5.10 %] (90 min) Hops 11.4 IBU
35.00 gm Styrian Goldings [5.50 %] (90 min) Hops 21.6 IBU
50.00 gm Riwaka [5.10 %] (Dry Hop 7 days) Hops -
50.00 gm Cascade [6.10 %] (Dry Hop 7 days) Hops -
10.00 gm NZ Styrian Goldings [5.50 %] (15 min) Hops 2.9 IBU
35.00 gm Riwaka [5.10 %] (15 min) Hops 9.3 IBU
10.00 gm Cascade [6.30 %] (15 min) Hops 3.3 IBU
15.00 gm NZ Styrian Goldings [5.50 %] (15 min) Hops 4.3 IBU
25.00 gm Riwaka [5.10 %] (1 min) Hops 0.6 IBU
15.00 gm Cascade [6.10 %] (1 min) Hops 0.4 IBU
1.22 tbsp PH 5.2 Stabilizer (Mash 90.0 min) Misc
1 Pkgs Northwest Ale (Wyeast Labs #1332) Yeast-Ale

Mash Schedule: !-BIAB Single Infusion, Full body, Mash Out
Total Grain Weight: 7.76 kg
!-BIAB Single Infusion, Full body, Mash Out
Step Time Name Description Step Temp
60 min Infusion Add 42 L of water at 71.1 C 68.0 C
10 min Mash Out Heat to 78.0 C over 10 min 78.0 C
At 6:28pm on March 17, 2009, studio1 said…
Yeah, will make sure I send some down or bring along to Hallertau when you are up. I think I will bottle this one - when do you find these IPAs are at their peak?
Simcoe SMASH is coming along loverly...although gravity was at 1.020 yesterday, 6 days in. thought it would be a little lower by now.
At 6:53pm on March 17, 2009, studio1 said…
Yeah I mashed my Landlord clones at 65 and they came out great. Just checked the reading again on the SMASH - looks like the 1332 has come down to about 1.016 - but I hate reading hydrometers - must get a refracto eh.
Yeah I would be quite keen to brew an Irish Red and enter.
At 8:25pm on March 19, 2009, studio1 said…
yip that character is coming through nicely. Threw the dry-hop in today. Brewed the Massacre yesterday - my eff. was shit though - i think it goes down with high-volume BIAB. Got 19L at 1.064 - about 66% eff% and 55IBU. Was aiming for 23L at 1.072 (assuming 70% eff).
At 8:33pm on March 19, 2009, studio1 said…
yip -awesome. Thanks for the recipes. Just got home with about 20 snappers in the chilly - they're in close at the mo.
At 5:06pm on March 21, 2009, studio1 said…
now I have a kegging setup - when should I dump the SMaSH in there? Kegs have changed my life. Brewday was about 12 days ago, dry hops been in there about 5 days. Gravity is looking good. I'm tasting lemon strepsils and pine-o-clean.
At 5:29pm on March 21, 2009, studio1 said…
haha. I keep 'popping' down to the garage myself. My porter will only last a few more days I think - 14L went in yesterday! Gravity's at 1.010 on the smash. lower than I was expecting.
At 8:56am on March 27, 2009, studio1 said…
Porters all gone. boo - i was really impressed with this. SMaSH is getting kegged today after 2 days at 0.5. The IPA is down to 1.010! I threw in 56g of Cascade and 52g of Riwaka last night.
At 12:11pm on March 27, 2009, studio1 said…
Yeah - most of that Porter went into the case swap.
At 2:58pm on April 2, 2009, Ally Mcg said…
He's a chap i found here
HIs booze ravaged face cheers me up every time AND i'm thinking about fermenting raisins
At 5:06pm on April 2, 2009, Don Fairley said…
Mate ive got some factory space in auckland and thats home but if youre up this way give me a call 0211759448, 09 3584668 fairleyengineer@ihug.co.nz
At 9:00pm on April 2, 2009, Croucher said…
Crickey Joking, I've only been on for 31 seconds. Do you do anything else? Nice to hear from you. Thought you might be eyeing up that brewing job in west Auck. Things going well here. New set up almost running - everything plugged in just needs a run.
At 9:09pm on April 2, 2009, Croucher said…
We're around! Come down for a brew and a fish. You guys can stay here. Has Christina had the baby?
At 2:47pm on April 6, 2009, studio1 said…
Yo, I just dumped my IPA into the freezer to chill at 0.5 for a couple of days. Then I'll keg it and pour you off some. I have a 1.125 of the Simcoe smash here which will be waning soon. Should I post em down ?
At 12:09pm on April 7, 2009, Reviled said…
Nah not yet sorry, had a pint of Studios Simcoe Smash last night and that was that.. Ill make sure to let you know what I think when I try it ;o)
At 12:28pm on April 7, 2009, Reviled said…
lol, sounds random, almost wit like... Should be interesting
At 2:31pm on April 7, 2009, Dai said…
Hey, was just having a look at your pics of your mash tun. Am I right in assuming that you have just converted a 23L plastic fermenter by spraying with that expandable filler from a can to keep in the heat? Do you lose many degrees over the mash with this? Oh, and do you use a false bottom or some sort of manifold?

Looks like a pretty sweet set up!

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