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RealBeer.co.nz, Wyeast and supporting the brewing community

Here are a few things about Wyeast, RealBeer.co.nz and the company previously called Nicholford Brewing Company


Wyeast - some background

- Available in New Zealand since 1997

- First imported by Luke Nicholas for brewing at Cock & Bull brewpub, then supplied to other brewers and homebrewers along with malt and hops, out the back door of the brewery.

- Orders of FRESH yeast every 2 months

- Direct from lab, most cases brewers receive yeast within 7 to 10 days of manufacture

- Fresh smack packs activate in hours not days

- Live yeast lose viability as they get older

- Shipments via Fedex with gel packs to keep cold

- Refrigerated on arrival in NZ

- Shipped overnight to brewer

- Large shipments locally include gel packs

- RealBeer.co.nz has held the price of smack packs the same since 2000.

- Constant price -  $24.95 - XL, $16.95 - 50ml

- RealBeer.co.nz manages the exchange rate risk (taking the good with the bad)


RealBeer.co.nz - some background

- 1996 first website on beer & brewing in NZ - The New Zealand Brewers Network

- 1998 print newsletter start called Sparging 

- 1999 merged with RealBeer.com

- 2000 launch of RealBeer.co.nz

- 2001 launch of online beer sales (like The Beer Store is today)

- 2007 launch of RealBeer.co.nz Forum (in current format)

- owned, funded and maintained by Luke Nicholas

- long term advertiser Cryer Malt

- advertising available $50+GST per month (helps cover hosting costs) 


Nicholford Brewing Company - some background

- 1998 started as a homebrew supply company, selling malt, hops & wyeast (like Liberty Brewing is today)
- 2002 changed name of Nicholford Brewing to RealBeer.co.nz to reflect change in business (then included online beer sales)

- 2005 end to online beer sales

- 2006? sold the malt and hops part of the business to Brewers Coop

- Present, continues to supply Wyeast to a growing base of homebrewers throughout New Zealand.


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Comment by Greig McGill on June 19, 2011 at 10:12am
And long may it continue!


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